1914 Iv: The Dead Poem by john tiong chunghoo

1914 Iv: The Dead

Rating: 3.4

the years did to him
like they had to wines
a calmness, mellowness

-submissions to the divine
tempests, victory and loss-

they poured a shade onto him
like amber - leaves that return
a million years to shine like miracles

the halo round the buddha
circled the realms for answers
to every breath, every consciousness
before crowning him with triumph

every year of study of the sutras
brings new understanding,
new awakenings, a clearer sky
the manner vintage wine surprises (greets)
the tongue every new spring

Mary Nagy 24 October 2005

John, This is very lovely. Great poem. Sincerely, Mary

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Steve Armstrong 22 November 2005

Hi John, Loved this, very good wording! A 10 from me

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Meredith Creek 04 December 2005

WOW! Great work. Meredith

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Debbie Kean 11 August 2006

Oh, awesome! Your poem is so evocative, wonderful... I love the idea of wine and people mellowing...

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David Desantis 29 April 2008

wow...beautiful. I love the equation of year to wine, calm mellowness in age....very good man

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Fred Babbin 07 December 2007

A coincidence - I am a Buddhist.

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Riquetta Elliott 05 December 2007

John your poem made me feel so calm and mellow. I have to crown you for writing your poem so well written and enthused. Outstanding work please persist to write more.

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Ivor Hogg 03 October 2007

If only the human race matured as a whole race instead of as seperate individuals the world would be a better place Yet each life contributes something to the overall tapestry

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Lee Degnan 08 October 2006

Awesome write, John, I enjoyed reading this one....

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