keith hendrickson Poems

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2 Faces In My Mirror

sitting here in this lonely room
with nothing above my head but gloom
saddness weighs heavy again on my shoulders
it weighs down upon my life like sand beneath a bolder

Waiting For A Friend

tired and hungry the beast still hunts me
he stalks in the shadows as life grows shallow
waiting for the days to get shorter so he can begin his slaughter
with hatred in his eye but his job on his mind

Desert Flower

early morning hours i just cant sleep
my mind goes far and my heart runs deep
you can see it in my eyes i just cant forget
so a late night sweat turns into an early morning breath


left lonely happiness is now only a disguise
to mask away the pain that resides inside
like a thief in the night she stole my heart she stole my love she stole my pride
so now i fight with the pain


a new york dusk, long island specifically
with dust in my trails every thought is an epiphany
my soul is no longer similar to the time of my departure
the light breaks through like the arrow of an accurate archer

See The Truth

no more being a user and feeling like a loser in life
i might step up in the light
but my minds on a different path tonight
words are out of sight

Fire Starter

forever young in my heart and always numb in my brain
im always wearing youth on my sleeve
hoping 1 day i can get this numbness and strain to leave
as never ending passion burns throughout my soul


im writting this to let you know your more than a friend
and that you have helped me find my smile again
i dig your style so i ask if you shovel
some say love is blind but im dizzy and seeing everything in double

It All Gets Better

when our fingers interlock we have each others hearts in our hands
our love is traveling through the universe and i hope it never lands
and baby it only gets better
im constantly havin dreams of me and u gettin old 2gether

Working 2 Save The World

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