Desert Flower Poem by keith hendrickson

Desert Flower

Rating: 4.7

early morning hours i just cant sleep
my mind goes far and my heart runs deep
you can see it in my eyes i just cant forget
so a late night sweat turns into an early morning breath
with once again the contemplation of death
wishing i can move on but i got no where to go
and i wish i can foget but the process is slow
so slow it burns not to cry
but that stuff i gotta hide real real deep inside
so nobody will ever know
damn then i wonder why i will never ever grow

Beautifully Unknown 12 January 2009

i like this one too but different ending in a way... just an idea so noone will ever know wonder why i never grow other than that i loved it

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Nikia Chesney 12 January 2009

Very beautifully, and artisticly written. The feel that this piece portrays, almost makes you forget your talking about a desert flower fighting to survive. Same as the feelings we can feel. Once adored, once beautiful. Once cherished and well taken care of. But eventually we all become weeds.

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Chitra - 13 January 2009

few lines but loaded with meaning and wonderful thoughts

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Kjxnhvkzdh Vnhcjfh 13 January 2009

all your poems are a work of art

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Octavia Wilson 15 January 2009

I really really know how you feel. I'm going through the same thing now. Really great poem...Keep up the good work.

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Jen Capaldi 08 September 2009

your work is very fluid, full of emotion. i am surprised to find another poet with ideas so close to mine. keep pouring your emotion into your work. and keep working to not let your emotion get the best of you. your poems are your relaease, take the gift you, ve been given and use it to the best aptitude. keep writing your heartfelt desires instead of giving in to them. another impressive write my friend. Jen

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Anjali Sinha 31 July 2009

excellent poem deep thoughts -10 anjali

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Hadyn Rodriguez 22 July 2009

Very very good piece i say your poems r way better then mine

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Sarwar Chowdhury 22 July 2009

very closely look at self actions.........penned beautifully 10+

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Crystle Jones 08 July 2009

yet again, you left me saying wow. very great piece of work, from beginning to end. anyone can relate to this one. how many times we have felt this way, because of numerous reasons, are countless. very wonderful. i love it. you are a great writer!

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