Fire Starter Poem by keith hendrickson

Fire Starter

Rating: 4.8

forever young in my heart and always numb in my brain
im always wearing youth on my sleeve
hoping 1 day i can get this numbness and strain to leave
as never ending passion burns throughout my soul
the darkness above begins to take its toll
never ending rains
loneliness and pain
start to seap into my veins
my blood turns black and so with it my heart
and now its too late in the game to head back to start
the fire is dim
darkness settles within
this fire can not be extinguised without a fight/
this happiness and desire will not be relinquised so i reach for the light
im tired of acting shameless
and walking aimless through the night
do i have what it takes for this fire to re-ignite? ? ? ? ?

Raven Bishop 12 January 2009

Youth is always wasted on the young. It's best to always be young at heart. Good job!

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Nikia Chesney 12 January 2009

Very good piece. I especially like the end.

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Fay Slimm 13 January 2009

Questions like you ask here Keith are so needed to make a relationship lasting..... you write well...... and 10 from Fay...

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Sarah Sisson 13 January 2009

You do write well! ! Enjoyed the emotion in this one

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Deona Skidmore 13 January 2009

you are extremely passionate, your work is honestly a joy to read, I know that sounds REALLY structured, but it is definantly beautiful.

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Jen Capaldi 08 September 2009

another masterpiece of your emotional supplication. keep using your gift and take full advantage of it. it will be not only your release but it will be your guide. another well deserved 10, my friend Jen

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Hadyn Rodriguez 22 July 2009

You relate to people so much in this poem awesome poem

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Jacky Dorantes 08 July 2009

I'm digging this poem man! I definetely relate to this poem. I understand where you're coming from because this poem represents my daily struggle. Keep writting, you definetely got talent.

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Crystle Jones 08 July 2009

i love it. the loss of hope and defeat in the beginning, but the strength to go on twords the end. a very powerful piece. keep up the GREAT work!

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Alicia Cross 08 July 2009

It's like a man is trying to relive his glory days as a child because death or a cancer has been creeping upon making him feel trapped. So he starts doing things shamelessly feeling there's no other way to live. Compelling.

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