Free Poem by keith hendrickson


Rating: 4.8

a new york dusk, long island specifically
with dust in my trails every thought is an epiphany
my soul is no longer similar to the time of my departure
the light breaks through like the arrow of an accurate archer
piercing and sharp was once the pain in my heart
but reversed are those feelings from a boy who was once cursed and in need of a healing
now with my potential seen i have no peak
my destiny is not a river or creek
but a vast ocean with which enlightenment i seek
a slow and egregious process it just may be
but the sun is almost up ready to shine down bright on me
i finally feel free

Heather Hill 30 June 2009

that one was good...i liked the beginning of it and how u ended it

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Alicia Cross 08 July 2009

It's like you feel the need to accomplish your hope and dreams, but you don't know where to start- for there are many routes to your own enlightenment.

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Eyelizabeth Unknown 08 July 2009

it stayed on point- my mind never wandered -only dug deeper

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Jacky Dorantes 14 July 2009

Very inspiring. It's clear how hard it was to overcome your hardships. Your use of imagery is very vivid and attention-grabbing. Totally dig it!

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Very fine indeed..... sir.

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Romeo Della Valle 21 April 2012

Excellent! Dear Keith! You are very deep and touching in all of your works and I admire you and your talent! Your ability to pen your strong feelings in a beautiful and clear writing format! Your potential is quite clear in this powerful write! 10+++ Thank you for sharing and keep it up! God Bless You! Love and Peace for always! Romeo-NYC

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Winnie Angel 20 November 2009

A write that speaks of being 'free.' Being free is the most essential and beautiful thing, feel, the very essence of life! ....At last ya free - freedom is the play of thought- it makes one bound and free the mind everything else get freed but desiring for freedom is very essential to be free in the real sense! ..Winnie

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Analisssa Range 10 September 2009

I give this a definite 10. When you read it you can not only hear the strength but feel it to. And that my friend is an art form you seem to have perfected.

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Jen Capaldi 08 September 2009

through an arduous jorney, a sojourn of seeking, enlightenment through the elements, the gifts of the earth, that washes us clean with it waters, sterilizes us through and through with fire, blows away our afflictions, from the dust allows us to be born again, with newfangled innocence, and a new beginning, the sun shines down, giving light to new life, allowing it to flourish, and begin it's journey again. Great work Keith. you are able to elegantly express yourself while still allowing your strength to shine through. another enjoyable poem.10 all they way my friend. Jen

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Candice Key 04 September 2009

Very much enjoyed that one! ! ! !

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