2 Faces In My Mirror Poem by keith hendrickson

2 Faces In My Mirror

Rating: 4.9

sitting here in this lonely room
with nothing above my head but gloom
saddness weighs heavy again on my shoulders
it weighs down upon my life like sand beneath a bolder
with suicide not a contemplation
but a plotted out destination
will the after life be a permanent vacation
or will it be an eternal damned nation
is death nothing but you getting ready to return
is it sitting in heaven or going beneath the earth to burn
only those who have seen my fate have learned
i think im waiting for my eternal sleep
but i do believe in that man called death
because around every corner i here him creep
and when im alone i feel his every breath
i know he is a man because a woman couldnt be so cruel
so with this razor or with this gun i challenge him to a duel
i stare him down from head to floor
then i realize, ive seen this man before
pace for pace and place to place
i know this man because im stareing at myself in the mirror face to face

Melina Collado 30 July 2009

WOW! . this poem is amazing. I can definitely say i can relate to it. I'm only 16, but i've been through a period feeling like this. Though it is over, I still feel like this every once in a while. You did a great job(reading it made me go back to that time) It atually inspired me to write about that time, which i will post up soon.

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Azcuena Acosta 31 July 2009

that is a great poem..great words...I have a similar poem called the ladder...i will post it so you can read it...i love your words...

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Melissa Medrano 04 August 2009

yess a women couldn't be so cruel.. have to agree wit you on that one ha. On a serious note, your totally right I like it a lot!

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Xxsuicidexepicemicxx 07 August 2009

So, basically, I dig this one. Like I dig it six feet under.

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Candice Key 03 September 2009

It was a very interesting poem in a good way. I feel that many people can relate to this poem and I would love to read more of your work.

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Romeo Della Valle 22 March 2012

Like I said in my poem titled: In pursuit of Happiness: I have learned the hard and painful way that where is an ending, there is a new beginning What I thought to be a great loss, it turned out to be a blessing from the sky This deep and heart touching write of yours, is amazing and thought provoking! Powerful and well crafted! 10+++ Thank you for sharing! God Bless You! Love and Peace for always! Romeo from New York City!

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Winnie Angel 20 November 2009

Pain running through the lines - imagery making the meaning of the pain and gloom more prominent! Duelity highlighted -still beauty persist to exist through the lines! Well written Piece! Winnie

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Chris Lang 22 September 2009

love it mate. excellent word choice and passion.10 + if possible

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Leeona (XOXOs) Sugakixs 19 September 2009

it needs so much more than a 10 for a score

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Leeona (XOXOs) Sugakixs 19 September 2009

I felt every word. and i've walked through your verses some time ago but you beat me at putting it on paper Beautiful Poet! Lee

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