Masquerade Poem by keith hendrickson


Rating: 4.4

left lonely happiness is now only a disguise
to mask away the pain that resides inside
like a thief in the night she stole my heart she stole my love she stole my pride
so now i fight with the pain
to regain the light in my life my sanity i must retain
get theese crazy feelings out of my heart and out of my brain
SO! ! !
there are no limits to the lengths that i will go
to accomplish the mental strength that i will need to move on and groww
time heals all wounds and this process is the slowest of slow
but short was the period of time i was able to call her mine
such a disgrace
and such a waste
but im ok dont you see the smile upon my face
not a speck of sadness for anyone to trace
but when i turn around
my head will once again sink to the ground
and next time you ask
i will again put on this dreadful dreadful mask

Brittany West 22 May 2009

THis is very good writing. Good luck on your book i will definalty read it when its published. Also i hope you keep writing.

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Pretty Brown Eyes 10 June 2009

Ah, I can really feel the emotion in this one. Another stunning poem.

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Evaughn Gray 16 June 2009

Every single time I read one of your poems, Wow just comes out of my mouth. I love the way you rhyme, it's just so smooth as it comes out. It's just so beautiful. you are an amazing and beautiful writer! I love your work1 ~ Hazel G.E

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another great poem its great

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Leigh-anna Williams 21 June 2009

Very intriguing, in so many ways i could relate & the fact that you entitled it 'Masquerade' shows it's true mentality about how you felt. i truly love this poem.

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Chris G. Vaillancourt 15 October 2009

interesting...very inspiring..

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Brandi Young 01 September 2009

This is a wonderfully worded piece and as you can tell from my poems, I too know what this is like. We all hide behind some kind of mask, it take great strength to overcome the need of having to have masks but greater strength to acknowledge that you need one. Great write! : o) Brandi <3

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Melina Collado 30 July 2009

Your poems amaze me. they truly do. I love this one. I feel all the emotion and pain in this poem. Great Job! !

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Stephanie Starr 30 July 2009

ooohhhh i loved this one! what i really enjoy about your writing is how it is a story. You think you know how it goes, but then it takes a twist and catches you off-guard, and then you step back and look at the larger picture, painted before you with such beautiful metaphors. Great poem!

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Elizabeth Marco 29 July 2009

Its very true happyness usualy hides sorrow! Very good!

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