See The Truth Poem by keith hendrickson

See The Truth

Rating: 4.8

no more being a user and feeling like a loser in life
i might step up in the light
but my minds on a different path tonight
words are out of sight
like the stars you cant see but come back to watch the next night
but sometimes you do gotta see in order to believe
and im like the blind man thinking everybody is only there to deceive
but can my heart stand to love somebody else besides my fam
JUST LISTEN i feel like my vision is walking but my mind has already ran
my brain is racing and it hurts to much NOT to stand
does anything get any better
i mean if your already wet can u get any wetter

Chitra - 09 January 2009

a very thoughtful theme with a good flow to the verse

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. . 12 January 2009

You can really feel the poem build up in its intensity and its yearning for answers. I also love the flow and wonderful imagery to bring to connect your audience.

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Beautifully Unknown 12 January 2009

this is beautiful! I love the way it all just flows together!

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Nikia Chesney 12 January 2009

Very well written, I love the climax aspect to the piece.

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Octavia Wilson 15 January 2009

Great job. we have a lot in common

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Elena Winters 17 September 2009

all i gotta is DAM! ! ! ! you did a very good job this piece was more then poetic outstanding i should say...... i know exactly how you feels about trust but you see trust is something a lot of people don't take seriously unlike us.... love your poem updat me on new poetry whenever you can

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Winnie Angel 10 September 2009

ya have written very subtly and with frankness...deep emotional turmoil...winnie

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Melissa Medrano 04 August 2009

I love your style :) :)

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Jacky Dorantes 14 July 2009

You did an awesome job in showing how disconnected one can feel from our body. I mean that how sometimes our body is present, but our mind is somewhere else. The only thing that I would reccomend is to try and finish it off. I mean, I love the direction you were headed in, you kept getting deeper and I loved it. But I sort of feel like you kinda left it hanging. I'm only trying to give you constructive criticism, please don't take it the wrong way. I love the way you write. Once again, love your style.

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Crystle Jones 08 July 2009

exactlly what i said before. you are truely amazing. i relate to every one of your pieces. specially this one! ! ! !

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