Sunflower Poem by keith hendrickson


Rating: 4.8

im writting this to let you know your more than a friend
and that you have helped me find my smile again
i dig your style so i ask if you shovel
some say love is blind but im dizzy and seeing everything in double
when i say that i mean not just one but two
seeing nothing else in the world but me and you
when i think of you i have a smile on my face
when i think of us i feel like i finally found my place
all the darkness in my life gives birth to a new light
thats how i know what we are doing is right
GIRL you are my flower from the sun
and only with you do i want to watch us grow together as one
blossoming up to the clouds and through the sky
past the stars together you and i

Jools E. 19 February 2009

yeah, im so glad you eventually posted it! i LOVE this one, the way you contain feelings without making it sound sappy is incredible... my new favourite! ! !

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Octavia Wilson 05 March 2009

This is a really great peice....keep up the good work...

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wonderful poem, , you best had stolen her heart..

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Asia Joseph 09 June 2009

OMG.......Keith this is so beautiful....She is def. lucky

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Pretty Brown Eyes 10 June 2009

This poem is just lovely it puts a smile on my face when I read it. I know whoever she is can't help but feel beautiful after reading this.

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Candice Key 10 September 2009

That put a smile on my face...lovely just lovely! ! ! !

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Brandi Young 01 September 2009

Simply beautiful Brandi

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Jacky Dorantes 14 August 2009

Ahh, so there is more to you than just a gloomy guy. lol. jk. This is so sweet! Lucky her! I'd just melt if a guy read this to me! I love it because it's so free, so heartfelt and natural.

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Melissa Medrano 04 August 2009

aww... that is sweet. I love it. Guys really are that sweet? ? he he JK. Thanks for the comments, I appreciate it

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Crystle Jones 08 July 2009

awwww this one is cute. a change from your other work ive read so far. its funny it discribed exactlly how i feel atm. lol. told ya, every piece i relate to. not many people can do that with ALL of their work

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