Loss For Words Poem by Laquory Jones

Loss For Words

Sometimes I get so loss for words with
Pain hitting me deeply as it occurs thinking
About them only seems to make it worse
Because there's no such thing as the perfect
Human being but I wish there were or be
Able to reach out to every common folk
Relieving them from pain yeah the young
And bold at least that's what I've been
Told I once was that kid just trying to break
Along the centerfold perhaps breaking into
The mold has always been my lifetime goal
With a heart pure of Chopard's Gold

Not one knows one's struggle behind closed
Doors that fallen comrade trying to swim himself
Back to familiar shores hiding valuables of his
Past in his chest of drawers constantly beside
Himself waging war mentally hes still a prisoner
Of war in the end are we all not just veterans
Of foreign wars fighting other people's battles
While lifting up our own Dao swords so many
Of us constantly judge not knowing really what
For Lately I've been looking deeper into my
Past transgressions veins hitting crossroads
Until I'm hitting intersections it's purely human
Dissections while looking deeper into my own
Personal reflections where pain exist there's
No second guessing some just tend to layer
Over it with salad dressing never addressing
All the places that its dwelling

Lately I'm finding myself talking to people whom
Are suicidal I can't help myself from feeling liable
Reaching out as I try to open a path for communications
Feeling as if it's my duty of obligations began using my
Words as a form of ligation just to keep their words in
Circulation it's pure elevation while speaking from the
Heart telling them how important they are to this nation
Tears of joy begins spilling in moderation and that's when
We reached a Hospice station some people just want to
Confide in someone is all I'm saying it's interesting to
See the dreams that they're chasing but as life goes on
It gets harder to keep up its pacing like one man
Talked about the Violet encased rose he once gave to
His bride to be Carmen Rose every morning he would
Place it against her nose until she left him for another
But isn't that always how the story goes heart broken
He just couldn't bear to ever let it go it's just one of
Many mementos he kept in his chest of drawers
As it read: My darling Rose te amo mi amor


Sunday, June 16, 2019
Topic(s) of this poem: life,love and dreams,love and life
Happy Father's Day and also God bless our Veterans
Edward Kofi Louis 15 August 2019

Pain hitting me deeply! ! ! ! Thanks for sharing this poem with us.

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Chinedu Dike 16 June 2019

An insightful and heartfelt poem written in commemoration of fathers' day. Well conceived and nicely penned with conviction. Thanks for sharing, Laquory.

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Jane Campion 16 June 2019

A wonderfully expressed poem and gift to us all.

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