When I Let You In Poem by Life Poem

When I Let You In

Rating: 3.6

When I Let You In,
I Loved You,
More Than The The Sun Loves The Moon.

When I Stayed With You,
I Gave To You,
My Hands For Comfort and Heart for Help.

When I Kissed You,
I Close My Eyes,
And Let My Foot Pop Up Like A Little Girl.

When I Protected You,
I Meant What I Said,
And Smiled When I Got Into the Mess.

When I Swayed With You,
My Eyes Stayed On You,
And counted the twinkle in your eyes.

When I was part' From You,
My Mind was on you,
and the memories we had.

When I Loved You,
I Let You In,
and you came.

When I Loved You More,
You stole from me,
And Left.

When I Watched You Leave,
I Broke,
The Crumbling Dust Still Haunting You.


When I Watched You Leave, I Broke, The Crumbling Dust Still Haunting You.... it is so painful dear. very good write

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Very heart felt and tru....if this happn to u guys patch things up....truly beautiful. DIMPLZ

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Eyan Desir 13 June 2009

Awww, poor thing Well written 10+ poem well expressed

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Life Poem 13 June 2009

Wow I'm touched by your comments. I won't patch things up btw, he's probably harassing some other poor girl now. And I really do mean what i right, that's the beauty! Yup, he stole some stuff from me. Thanks!

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Life Poem 15 June 2009

Thanks guys, I went for this sort of bizarre rhythm and all. But emotional as well. Thanks!

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Annie Miracle 28 December 2011

i let you in you lied and betyrad me.....................so i i did the same......awesome poem, my favorite part is when you wrote.....when i let you in, i loved you.more than the sun loves the moon, reallllyyyy goood toching love, annie

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Ninja Master 08 November 2009

this is a good poem, but also a very good poem to read is 'Neil is awsome'

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Regena Kilgore 22 September 2009

i really like this poem because i fully understand and feel it. its beautiful

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Malini Kadir 09 August 2009

When I Watched You Leave, I Broke, The Crumbling Dust Still Haunting You. .......................the poetry lines still haunting my thoughts.... a poetry that catches the emotional you........Great job!

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Aron Lelei 01 August 2009

Poetry is about letting in. It is a poetry that deserves a credit and a crown. It is a 10.

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