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Teacher teacher, fairest of all,
Tell us what leaves will dropp in the fall?

Orange, yellow, red you say,
What new math will you give today?

Three squared times 2 and x + four,
Why is the principal at our door?

To collect our bills for the English trip,
How did bad emperors in Rome just FLIP?

They stole from the kingdom, teacher said.
From which side do children make their bed?

Right to left, and up then down.
Teachers says stop being a clown.

My teacher is fairest, fairest of all,
WAIT! What'd you say, I'm Tom and not Paul!

(Even teachers make mistakes.☻ ;)

Life Poem 13 June 2009

I Know! Wow, My Fifth Grade Teacher Was so Harsh and Funny. He Showed Me The Best Darn Old Classic Movies In My Life. He Was Just The Perfect Balance and I certainly benefited from him. And when my 6th grade year, oh that was just full of the best projects!

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*Trusting You* 13 June 2009

teachers arre one of the most important things in life. I will always remember mine, they made my life what it is to today. Becca

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Life Poem 13 June 2009

Thanks! This was my first humurous piece; i thought it could be of everyone's experiances

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Rosalinda Martinez 11 June 2009

mwhhahahaha, thanks to the teachers and the cooperative students. this will really make us laugh. thanks.

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Life Poem 11 June 2009

Thanks to my teachers.You guys rock.a lot.

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