Michael Jackson Poem by Luwi Habte

Michael Jackson

Rating: 4.9

M agnificient dancer

I ncomparable singer

C apable of pop song

H ilarious artist

A ptitude owner

E legant person

L ender ok kids

J olly faced

A ltrust men

C oalition creator

K ind in behaviour

S afe gurd of orphanage

O otstanding person

N amed as the father of pop

may his body stay at rest safe and sound
We love you! ! !

Almedia Knight-Oliver 24 July 2009

A delightful acrostic poem in tribute to Michael Jackson...thanks for sharing

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Ellen Frawley 24 July 2009

think he would love it nice :)

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Kobik William 24 July 2009

that was a good one there for the king.I'd do something on him myself so wait up.and tell ur budies to check out when am done.I hate to say mine will be better.just jesting didnt mean that.

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Ellen Frawley 24 July 2009

think he would love it nice :)

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Sia Reis 25 July 2009

Wonderful poem! ! ! ! It is indeed a true tribute to the legend! ! ! !

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trinity lyon 11 January 2023

AW w

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This is a wonderful acrostic tribute for Michael Jackson. You have selected the perfect words with the match up of your letters. Well done! Karin Anderson 10

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Lola Hi 26 July 2009

nice poem.i feel every word in that poem cause i love micheal jackson he is my favourite artist and he will always be.

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Aekg Navrilith 25 July 2009

Ace write! nice variation good use of? 'acrossstick'?

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Ravi Sathasivam 25 July 2009

Our world is lost one of our greatest star on earth. May his soul rest in peace. Nice tribute to Michael Jackson with your poem. Thanks for sharing with me

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