I Want To Tell You

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I want to tell you how I
feel when you turn away
from my tears

I want to tell you how I
feel when you don't comfort
my fears

I want to tell you how I
feel when I hear you
say mean things

I want to tell you many
things but i won't becasue
you would never understand

Gold Flower 08 June 2007

Very wonderful! So amazing! You have a gift, a poem writing gift! ! Keep writing! ! Lilly

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Chanel Jackson 18 May 2007

wow...i can so relate to this poem. i've been in this positon for quite some time, but its been really hard now. great job! your writing doesnt only benefits urself, but also those who cannot speat out, express what they feel on the inside. it's a God-given gift and u use it well. keep writing! ~Chani

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Jessica Rose 13 May 2007

wow this is really good, i can relate to a lot of things in this poem. Truly great work, keep it up!

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Melvina Germain 13 April 2007

I too want to tell you of a lovely lady who puts beautiful words to paper. Words I can certainly relate to. For many years I have not had the courage to express my feelings to a certain individual, I don't want to hurt that person in any way and as time goes on, I realize one day I will have to bury those feelings along with that person. Excellent poem---Melvina---

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Roger Bowman 03 April 2007

Amazing write amazing poemo mariana take good care roger

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Jessica Jemima 08 February 2008

Isn't poetry such a great outlet for our feelings? Keep writing... this one is great. p.s. reading the title made me think of the beatles' song - 'i want to tell you'. it's a good song, though. thanks :)

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Random Crap 10 September 2007

This is such a true poem Mariana. I feel like this so much, i have loads to say and ask but i think that its safer for me to keep it bottled up.

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Meghan R. 03 September 2007

I love this one! ! One of my favs from you! I understand the feeling and i can relate, I think thats why i like it so much! I have an x boyfriend who i wannted to tell how he made me feel sometimes and i couldnt because I feared the same thing, that he wouldnt understand. Great poem! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! -Meghan

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Alan Curtis 18 August 2007

U can tell me anything. Nice write. Peace, Alan

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jazmine kristen 15 June 2007

that was a grat poem.

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