Growing Up Poem by Mary Spain

Growing Up

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The day I could no longer walk with ease
Beneath the table, made it clear to me
That I was growing. Soon my parents' knees
Were way below my eye-line. I could see
Above the window-sill and out, far out,
Into a world where adults knew it all
And children yearned to grow and be about
Such fascinating business. To be tall
Held out a promise greater than mere size.
When I achieved full stature I would know
Those peaks of knowledge conquered by the wise -
All that remained for me to do was grow.
Yet wisdom gained shows wisdom still ahead;
Grown up, I find I'm growing down instead.


i grew, just reading it.. wonderful milady.

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Ana Zaldivar 30 January 2009

This is a very nice poem.. but as my father says... when measuring people's height, you must measure from your head to the sky, the more it measures the wiser you are.. Thanks for sharing. ana

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Ashraful Musaddeq 19 September 2008

Beautiful poem, love it.

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Asif Andalib 29 September 2008

Nice poem. It's like a confession. Thanks

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Barry A. Lanier 22 February 2009

I loved the growing down, , , yeah me to..and my feet are shrinking, , , ,

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Adeline Foster 25 August 2016

Enjoyed, vey much Read mine - Mirror Mirror - Adeline

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David Beckham 31 July 2010

A very solid poem, full of wisdom. Thanks for sharing

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Eyan Desir 10 October 2009

A nice interesting poem....

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Abdul Athani 09 October 2009

its a very beautiful poem and a nice one to read

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Ruth Walters 07 September 2009

I remember being able to walk underneath my parent's table: -) and I remember my own sons doing likewise and I expect if I am lucky enough, some day a grandchild too.....such a common experience and yet so very, very special......just taking a walk beneath a table: -) Like you I am still learning, acquiring knowledge and I've just learned that you are a very talented poet. Ruth: -D

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