Poppy Field Poem by Mary Spain

Poppy Field

Rating: 5.0

A sea of living crimson caught my eye
Of oriental splendour, out of place
Beneath the pastel of an English sky
Where soft-toned pastures etch the tranquil face
Of Summertime, A silken, poppied sea
That shimmered in the early morning sun,
And with true beauty's generosity
Held out its cup of joy to everyone.
The sober hedgerows glowed a richer hue,
The willow-herb a dainty blush revealed,
And I have never seen a sky as blue
As that which smiled upon the poppy field.
Sweet flowers that bring men sleep, you brought to me
A wakened joy that lives in memory.

Mel Vincent Basconcillo 06 April 2009

very Shakespearean... nice poem very nice indeed thanks a lot - mel =D

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Kevin Wells 08 March 2009

Very beautiful, Mary. Love the imagery....love the choice of words. As usual, I am left wishing that I could write even half as well.

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Sid John Gardner. 11 December 2008

Liked this very much Mary One of my favourite flowers for many reasons and one in particular. Sid.xx

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Enrique Souffle 06 December 2008

Very nice. Thanks for sharing.

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So beautiful this scene of yours makes me relise and appreciate the joys of nature in your poem.

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Castellenas John 03 April 2019

Amazing use of description. Made me see and believe your words. A amazing poem.

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Sally Plumb Plumb 18 May 2015

Just read this piece again..... beautiful.

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Sally Plumb Plumb 17 July 2010

A lovely English country scene.

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Ashraful Musaddeq 29 May 2009

'And I have never seen a sky as blue As that which smiled upon the poppy field.' A joyful poem with soft-green imageries. 10+++

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Sally Plumb Plumb 16 April 2009

Thought this was lovely. If you get the time try my perspective.'Poppies' Thanks

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