Nashy Lamen

Nashy Lamen Poems

1. Farewell To A World Of Outrage 2/28/2009
2. Sleepless Night 3/1/2009
3. You Were Always There 3/22/2009
4. Little Stan 3/22/2009
5. The Heart Found It's Peace 3/23/2009
6. Discern Then Dazzle 4/1/2009
7. An Everyday Routine 6/29/2009
8. Too Many Insoluble Questions 9/16/2009
9. Distantly Changed 9/22/2009
10. Twisted.. 12/23/2009
11. And As I Gaze 12/30/2009
12. In Denial 7/22/2010
13. Blissfully Taken 10/11/2009
14. A Summer Breeze 3/22/2009
15. To Keep Such Secrecy 8/2/2009
16. How Anger Forms You 9/17/2009
17. Ironic Differences 7/10/2009
18. View Of Stupidity.. 3/3/2009
19. The Grief That Love Can Bring 3/8/2009
20. A Friend Indeed 2/28/2009
21. The Lost Soul 2/28/2009
22. Away From Me 10/31/2009
23. A Broken Branch, A Fervent Tree 8/2/2009
24. A Feeling Strong, A Feeling Tied 7/14/2009
25. Random Poem 7/16/2009
26. A Sudden Tune 8/7/2009
27. Engraved 10/1/2009
28. Moonshine Adoration 7/1/2009
29. So Called Love 2/28/2009
30. My Thoughts Exactly 8/19/2009
31. Puzzled 9/9/2009
32. The Restless Truth 7/26/2009
33. I Must Let You Go For No Reason 8/15/2009
34. Bedazzled By Just One Stare 8/27/2009
35. Untitled 6/8/2009
36. Unheard Whispers 9/2/2009
37. Untrusted, Unveiled 6/10/2009
38. High School 7/10/2009
39. Time 2/28/2009
40. And Then Everything Changes 9/14/2009

Comments about Nashy Lamen

  • Nashy Lamen (7/1/2009 10:13:00 AM)

    Well, I felt like typing so I commented on myself... Hmmm... Keep on writing, . Set free your emotions.. YOur poems express your feelings... c:

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  • Kitdor Halari Blah (4/20/2009 2:45:00 AM)

    Dear Natasha Lamen, I've read some of your poems. Please check my poems.

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Best Poem of Nashy Lamen

Despaired Forgiveness

Enraged eyes of fire and doom,
To no extent I’ve made a sin,
To no forgiveness I broke their trust,
And I know I must regain... I must.

I have deceived and I am cursed,
I’ve tried no tries; I’ve made it worse,
My guilt has drowned me in my lies,
And now my damaged conscience cries.

So here I sit in silence, blind,
There’s no solution I can find,
I am trapped in broken glass,
As time and chances pass by fast.

I’m so sorry, so nonsense I know,
Useless, I see,
Cause I’ve done much wrong,
So tragically.

I don’t know what ...

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A Friend Indeed

Before you read this poem I'd like to warn you how much complicating it would get.
I hope you understand it though, it's a poem for a great friend..

A life of doubt is what I held,
screaming here and there, until I was filled with depression
Decisions in every corner
that threatens a life and kills a reputation.

I was sitting yet again in a hot seat

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