Francis Duggan Nature Poems

Your Relationship With Nature

Your relationship with Nature speaks volumes about you
Do you only see Nature as a means to financial gain or are you one of those who
Love Nature for her beauty and love her wildlife and her trees
And her rivers, lakes and mountains and her fields and flowers and bees?

Leave Nature To Nature

Have you ever seen the offspring of a cross between a sheep and goat
Of the parents in the young one you can see a bit of both
With the physical appearance of a goat and sheep strange as that may appear
Born of an act of Nature and in Nature of stranger things one does hear.

All Things In Nature

All things in Nature have a purpose and all life does inter-relate
And only Nature herself it seem does not have a use by date
And us humans are like Nature's Seasons to life we come and go
And the more we learn of Nature the less about her we know we know

In Nature's World Nature's Wonders Do Abound

In Nature's World Nature's wonders do abound
The billions of ants that crawl around the ground
The trillions of flying things beetles, flies and bees
That buzz around the blossom laden trees.

My God Mother Nature

I feel that I have heard enough of talk of World strife
And what I need is joy and love and peace back in my life
And I must refrain from listening to the radio news and watching T.V.
For rumours of revenge and war is worrying to me.

Leave Nature's Resources With Nature

I'm one of the many who does love Nature though Nature does need every friend
Of late she is not looking healthy otherwise why should we pretend
That all is well in Nature's Garden when all is not well there at all
Our crimes against Nature are many and any crime against Nature not small.

Designed By Nature

The bigger predators on smaller creatures do prey
Their way of survival that is Nature's way
Designed by Nature for to live on meat
And doomed to die of hunger if they cannot kill to eat

Nature's Beauty Being Destroyed

They know little of life and even less of Nature though they have what matters most
And that is heaps of money something worthy of a boast
For money speaks every language as some are known to say
That's how it is and will remain in the World of today.

The Laws Of Mother Nature

The bird born in an aviary and raised in captivity
Can never live in Nature's World amongst the wild and free
Even the birds of it's own species will peck it till it die
So never allow your feathered pet the freedom of the sky.

Mother Earth Or Mother Nature

Her beauty is all around us every day
A beauty for to view we do not have for to pay
From a tiny seed she grows a mighty tree
And she feeds every life form including humanity

A Walk In Nature

A walk in Nature never boring in Nature great beauty to see
The wild birds are chirping and singing on fence wire and bush and on tree
Away from the street and the traffic from human made pollution and noise
Above the gray scrub by the river the skylark he sings as he flies.

The Wonders Of Nature

The wonders of Nature around us every day
The billions of multicoloured wildflowers that bloom in their own natural way
The hum of the nectar gathering honey bees
And the scent of pollen blown out from the blossoming trees.

I Love Time Out With Nature

I love time out with Nature and I love peace and quiet
To walk along the gravel path in the evening sunlight
When the wild birds are singing and Spring is in her prime
And even memories of such inspire the soul to rhyme.

With The Wonders Of Nature

With the wonders of Nature nothing to compare
And the Goddess of Nature she lives everywhere
And the secrets of Nature not for humans to know
At the magic of Nature our wonder does grow.

The Mysteries Of Nature As Mysteries Remain

The migratory bird does have a tiny brain
But it seems beyond scientists to even try to explain
How they make it to the far south of the World from the far north and then back again
The mysteries of Nature as mysteries remain.

The Beauty Of Nature The Poets Inspire

Were I a poet I'd write of Nature's beauty around me
The songs of the birds on bush, hedge and tree
The flowers of the garden so lovely to see
The beauty of Nature to look at is free.

All Alone With Mother Nature

The restless waves splash up white foam upon the rocky shore
But I feel a peace within me like I've seldom felt before
All alone with mother Nature in Inverloch by the sea
The world is so much quieter here and of any stress I'm free.

Of Nature We Are

It is a fact of life and fact never lie
We are born of a woman eventually to die
Like all other life forms for us there's an end
We are only mere mortals why otherwise pretend

Of Nature I Learn Something New

The years have left me ageing balding and gray
But of Nature i learn something new every day
Yes every day of her i learn something new
For to say this i am not one of a few

To Love Nature

I grew to love Nature when I was a boy
And learning of her ways today I enjoy
And my wonder of her ways only does grow
Yet so little about her I can claim for to know

The Pleasant Sounds Of Nature

The pleasant sounds of Nature are everywhere near me
On the sunlit beach at morning the lapping of the sea
And in the quiet Parkland the song of the pee wee
And the wattlebirds are calling on the flowering banksia tree,

Nature's Anger

Great buildings before her have toppled like dominos
She made them look as fragile as a castle of sand
Built on the beach by children in the morning
And washed out to sea when the tide floods the strand.

In The Vastness Of Nature

One never is short of things on which to write
Like butterflies flitting in the bright sunlight
Or the pleasant aroma of the blossoming trees
That wafts in the air of the freshening breeze.

When We Abuse Nature

For the burning of fossil fuels there will be some price to pay
A looming Natural disaster some climate experts say
A looming disaster of destruction and death
Climate change than terrorism to human kind is a far greater threat.

The Beauty Of Nature I Greatly Admire

I cannot lay claim to the title of poet
Or I'll never be worthy of literary note
But the beauty of Nature I greatly admire
And of singing her praises I never do tire

So Little Of Nature

It first dawned on me at least five decades ago
That so little of Nature I do seem to know
New lessons from Nature I learn every day
Yet from me she does hide her secrets away

Almighty Mother Nature

The Homo Sapiens who lived in caves on mountains
Of the success of their descendants could not have visualized
And even today the most intelligent species
At their achievements even seemed surprised.

Return To Nature

Suppose I am one who has a big ego I did have big plans once I do recall
But egos are a thing that inspire in us the need for success and are part of human nature after all
And now that my ego is a bit deflated and others I don't feel need to impress
Something perhaps that came with the realization that my life never has been a success.

Nature's Friends

Their protests loggers and sawmillers don't please
But to those noble souls who fight to save the trees
One well might say respect is overdue
On Nature's behalf such great work they do

The Laws Of Nature

In the lonely wood of Clara orange breast robin pipes his song
A warning to all Clara robins 'that this here space to me belong'
And neighbour cock robin listen and the message is understood
Of old cocky himself master at the corner of the wood.

Like His Mother Nature

Despite advanced medical technology people still age and die
And though people on an average live longer now one fact we can't deny
Is that the Reaper who claims every life will one day claim your's and mine
Each day we live we draw closer to our lives finish line.

Nature Is Getting Angry

I feel for all of those thousands who in Coastal Asia died
And for the million made homeless their hopes and dreams destroyed
By that sea quake or tsunami that ripped through many a coastal Town
That flattened houses on it's path and in the huge wave thousands did drown.

The Call Of Nature

The call of Nature is an amazing thing
The migrant birds always fly home for the Spring
For to breed from their wintering grounds far away
In the place where they first looked on the light of day

Miracles Of Nature

A tiny dark seed to a great tree can grow
A miracle of Nature that much we do know
And Nature's miracles are many and her secrets not few
In telling you that I'm not saying anything that's new.

You Hear Nature's Voice

You hear Nature's voice in the river that ever flows on towards the sea
A voice destined to live forever that has lived for untold centuries
From the foothills of the high country it babbles downhill night and day
By groves and by ditches and hedgerows to saltwater it winds it's way.

The More I Learn About Nature

The more I learn about Nature the less I realize I know
About how creatures live in wild state, about how plants and grasses grow
About how flowers close in the evening and open to the morning light
We learn every day from Nature and we learn from what others write.

The Beauty Of Nature Is All Around Me

The beauty of Nature is all around me
The wattlebirds call on the blossoming tree
The kangaroos in the bright sunshine of day
Amongst the rank rushes are hidden away

I Always Have Loved Mother Nature

I always have loved Mother Nature ever since I was a boy
And a thing of Natural beauty is always a thing of joy
And the mysteries of Nature is a mysterious thing
There is far more to any bird than the song it does sing

I'Ve Been In Love With Nature

I've been in love with Nature ever since I was a boy
And a walk in Nature's quiet places is always a thing of joy
In woods and Land for Wildlife the wild birds chirp and sing
And the beauty that lives in Nature is an amazing thing

Nature's Butterflies

When they grow their wings and leave their pupa stage
Their time span seems brief and so quickly they age
Just a few days or less in the parkland to fly
And enjoy the freedom of the open sky,

The People Who Love Nature

Not seen as great or special or the leaders of our time
But to the people who love Nature i dedicate this rhyme
They dedicate their free time for the future of human kind
And in the person who loves Nature a great person you will find.

Nature She Lives On Forever

We hear of and read of earthquakes, huge winds and huge floodings in the newspapers and on the radio each day
And climate change is for real and happening despite what the sceptics do say
The more money you have in such a case the more that you do stand for to lose
To none the Nature Goddess is subservient her own ways she always does choose

Oh Sing Me A Song Of Nature

Oh sing me of Nature's great beauty of sunlight on flowering gum trees
And the sweet scents of Nature's own perfume that wafts in the freshening breeze
And sing of the wildborn creatures the call of the boobook owl at night
And the wild cry of the brushtail possum on the blackwood tree in the moonlight,

From Nature We Learn Something New Every Day

Though most of her secrets from us well hidden away
From Nature we learn something new every day
Yet my wonder of her only does seem to grow
And the more I learn of her the less of her I know I do know

The Amazing Wonders Of Nature

The more that I learn about Nature the less of her I know that I know
And the more that I learn of Nature the more my wonder of her does grow
One can only live in awe of her wonders she does seem amazing to me
Scarce a day goes by that in Nature a new wonder one does not see

Wonder Of Nature

My wonder of Nature only grow and grow
Yet so little about her i can claim of to know
I learn something new of her every day
That in life we never stop learning it does seem this way

John Clare Was A Student Of Nature

John Clare was a student of Nature yet he did not have a degree
On natural sciences or animal behaviour, botany or ornithology
A poor man from Helpston in England born into extreme poverty
Yet of all of the great poets of Nature can you name me one greater than he?

The More I Learn Of Nature

The more I learn of Nature the less of her I know I know
The little bird that all day search for insects in the hedgerow
Lives quite a complex lifestyle though we may not think so
The more I learn of Nature the more my wonder of her grow.

In Our Pollution Of Nature

We fear and we worship our God in the sky
And we insult our great Goddess who lives nearby
Yet without her we would not have life to enjoy
And the beauty of Nature we choose to destroy

Beauty Of Nature

The beauty of Nature is such a splendid thing
In the sunlit Parkland the birds chirp and sing
Young magpies are piping on the sheoak trees
And there is a gentle freshness in the mild Summer breeze.

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