My Clock No More Poem by Obinna Kenechukwu Eruchie

My Clock No More

Rating: 4.9

Now my clock ticks no more,
Is with night who does secure
It as the nail who dwells in a door.

Sight with sound fail to pour
In hush stirred to be pure
Of life that so tinkles to the core.

My clock halted did store
Tranquility full to lure
Me in freezing the life of before.

No suffering to bore
Me with torment to endure,
Feeling once had I need not implore.

No quake esteemed by lore
Of time, in its pressure sure
To awaken my clock by its roar.

Time frozen fails to soar,
Consciousness frozen to tour
Around in a realm where hush is hoar.

Sinnaminsun Sinnaminsun 03 October 2009

Your rhyme scheme is appealing and I enjoyed reading your poem :)

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Anupama Raghavendran 04 October 2009

the poem is beautiful...... loved it....keep writing! ! ! : D

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Mohammed Albalushi 04 October 2009

nice rhythm, wonderful poem dear Obinna

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HM DeGratePoet 04 October 2009

hi, does it means you are dead? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Because your clock is not ticking.... : -))

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Amina Kamran 05 October 2009

To me this poem has two meanings that either the person is dead or the feelings of the poet are too unbearable that it seems that every thing is still and dead. All and all a beautiful poem

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HM DeGratePoet 23 October 2011

A F R O Z E N F E E L I N G! ! :)

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Alf Hutchison 05 November 2009

An interesting write on when ones clock ticks no more... thanks Obinna...regards Alf

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Stewart Gideon 30 October 2009

'No suffering to bore Me with torment to endure, Feeling once had I need not implore.' i'm sure u're talking abt death, cos that's the only time when one is free from earth's sufferings and torments. nicely written

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Elysabeth Faslund 14 October 2009

You speak of Time with unique abandon, but that makes for a very excellent poem. Who were we before? Who will we be after? The night will not tell, and it is for us to be curious, but never ask that question...but I did.xxxxElys

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Deborah Downes 12 October 2009

Excellent imagery and use of rhyme. I gave it a ten.

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