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Where do I get this treasured bliss?
I take the passion of life and I take the risks.
Life isn't for that fool to be me.
I can understand my happiness in a simple kiss.

Pulling a new friend into
your life is a form of balance.
Its a ripple in the system
that is so beautiful...

I am up in th morning... alone.... and
I feel so strange. These have been
days of change. Lights and movement
so fond, yet far. Only once the severity

I am made from water.
My birth was forged from what
one can only say is far and deep,
away from reality. Cold winds blow

I am an emotion.
I surface each night
and feel the pain of yesterday.
I writhe. It is a power that

My world was a deep cesspool
of self hatred.

The irony of it all... the grandiosity

I am a Jeanie in a bottle.
A ripe age sent from the times long ago.

Here I am in todays world

The air supports life.
The canopy of leaves keeps my skin ivory.
I am exposed and I am free.
The sun rises and falls and all I have ever seen

I thought my life was well
rounded in a bottle.
I was aloof and trampled
by the weight of my despair.

It is my mind that is electric.
I create energy when I move.
Do I not burn time, yet make
new moments happen with

All my cat wants from me is food.
The only time his fickle mood... pleasant in every way.

I step up on to the dusty stage.
The wires and tape fused to the weathered floor.
I look to my right and see the lights
that will soon engulf me.

A starlet was I in a city of idiots.
A community of wolves on a roll.

They were predators on the make.

His persistent inquires turn my lips thin.
I'll get to the promises made, I will when....

....I'm ready too not before a sooner time

It is a damp day and
I am stuck here inside...
...forced to dream.

I'm just not sure...

that a whisper...

A place of confusion, today is the norm.
The entropy has us, the roads that are torn...

...up make us go crazy, know not where to turn.

Today I will welcome two thousand nine.
I've gotten in no trouble... I've done no crime.

I've cleaned up my act now... this is the third year...

There is a child beneath my callous, developed age.
I see with inexperienced eyes, and at times
I do believe my thoughts of former days.
I make choices with no discoveries.

Sarah Sisson Biography

Sarah Sisson is a professional singer in Texas. Her inspirational poetry is a reflection of her survival and nourishment she received through rigorous honesty, hope and the value of others. Her poetry reproduces the art of growth and the love of living life. As a poet, Sarah has felt compelled to express every emotion in a simple way. Thought and fantasies come through in a danceable, fun way. The pain is intertwined with hope; the fear is laced with happiness. Then there is the growth and sanctuary of age. She has recently switched gears from writing short stories and songs to indulge in her love for poetry. Her rhythm is intrinsic. Her rhyming is artful. Sarah is a new and enthusiastic inspirational poet. For questions or comments please visit

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**responsible (Inspirational)

Where do I get this treasured bliss?
I take the passion of life and I take the risks.
Life isn't for that fool to be me.
I can understand my happiness in a simple kiss.

Truly I hold a key to the world I live in.
My mind is a blessing and I chose to give in.
To a higher power that is mine.
I can live a human life.
I can be forgiven for sin.

Because I believe in light.
I believe in this life you must fight.
For a moment of peace can touch us all.
So deeply that you will find that you
Don't always have to be right.

I can be free and responsible.
I can offer my self to a better cause.
I can be whole and loving.
I can do the things I need to do.
I am responsible.

Cpoyright 01-02-2009 ©® Sarah Sisson

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Seema(Aanamika) 80 13 December 2008

A tear tells the stories of our feelings.10+.Excellent. I'll be reading more of yours soon.

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the youth rebel when you say they should know better. Adults do things even though they know better. The old 'forget' they know better and use it to their advantage.

Anxiety is simply demolished pride. Pride is one of the seven deadly sins. Pride is putting your own feelings first. Lift the veil of pride and peace will enter your mind.

Anger is when you do not allow a higher power to think for you. Whether you believe in the universe and math or God and Jesus, nowhere is misery described as normal.

The Holy Spirit can split and atom too.

Reverent, righteous and resourceful. These are keys to mysteries that will unveil themselves if practiced thoroughly.

Should we study each other's cultures or just deal with them?

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Sarah Sisson Popularity

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