Patricia Gale Poems

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Read careful gents
I am about to divulge a hidden secret
The secret list of what a lady finds appealing

Butterfly Dreams

Oh to be a butterfly and flutter my wings by your check
To have you admire me as I glide by your beautiful smile
To land upon your shoulder and watch you breathe
Oh to hear your voice sweetly recite

Circles And Lines

With pen in hand my mind begins to wonder
Circles and lines half written
Then your name appears
Next to I love you

A Friend

Come to me in twilights surrender
When the twinkling of the stars await their call
And the moon is to begin its glorious shine

A Mother's Love Never Dies

When we watched the maple seedlings fall and spiral down to the ground
We laughed and I told you they were helicopters

Rowan Tree

Beneath the green and berry red
They flutter about
Making a melody with each wing strum
Magical lil’ creatures

All I Want For Christmas (A Bit Naughty)

All I want for Christmas is to treat you as my wonderland
My finger tips to skate lightly across your chest
Hearing the music of a softly fine tuned band
I need you to be my holiday quest

A Day In The Garden

Luscious greenery growing strong
Tending and nurturing with much care
Before the harvest would be fair
Next trip it will require a bucket to be brought along

A Poet In Love

My mind reels with words of love, desire and passion
I try so desperately to grasp
lines and verses just something… to tell how I feel

A Chance

His words glide like silk against soften skin
I am captivated by the thought wondering should I give in
Could this be a chance by the angels
Hearing a prayer for a heart that has always dangled