A Chance Poem by Patricia Gale

A Chance

Rating: 5.0

His words glide like silk against soften skin
I am captivated by the thought wondering should I give in
Could this be a chance by the angels
Hearing a prayer for a heart that has always dangled

I sometimes fall too easy in the trap
Then curse myself as I wipe off the crap..
left on my shoes as I walk away
From a broken heart some would say

Precaution is what is needed
Not some romantic lines that he will feed me
Desperately the heart does cry
The mind stops and says perhaps one more try

But fear is bigger than the head and heart
For love always seems to depart
And broken promises lay withered upon the floor
As the final sound hits the door

Should this chance be taken?
Is it meant to be?
Broken dreams will they awaken?
Or will truth shine and lead me to my final decree

Marvin Brato 17 July 2007

His words glide like silk against soften skin... most men utter words of flattery yet there are few who speak the truth! Thanks for sharing. worth the 10.

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Peter Stavropoulos 18 July 2007

We can't help ourselves we always take the chance, in Love especially, other things maybe not. Lovely poem, Patricia.

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Lorena Walker 20 July 2007

Wow, this is really good... probably my favorite of yours. Very well written!

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David Harris 22 July 2007

Patricia, chances should be taken, for if we don't there is always a linger doubt in our mind as to what might have happened. Great write. Top marks from me and thanks for sharing it my friend. David

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Daffodil Decarie 16 October 2007

...as love always moves the best of me, this poem reached in and touched some emotional depths that I've hide so secretly. This is a good read. Thank you, Patricia. Daffodil

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Rachel Butler 06 November 2009

'His words glide like silk against soften skin' Rachel Ann Buler

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Rajaram Ramachandran 08 September 2009

'Precaution is what is needed Not some romantic lines that he will feed me' The answer to 'A Chance, ' lies here itself.

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Ted M 21 August 2009

When we love ourselves, and are confident, we are interesting as there is always some mystery about us. At times, when a person falls in love, they don’t have time for themselves. Lovely lines………..10

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Ivor Hogg 11 December 2008

Life is a gamble however you look at it >You must dare to win

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Sarwar Chowdhury 08 September 2008

awesome expression! ..........10

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