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110 %

Rating: 4.9

Read careful gents
I am about to divulge a hidden secret
The secret list of what a lady finds appealing

A man who takes pride in the way he looks
But can not spend more time in front of the mirror than a model
Grooming is worth 30 %
His walk… must have confidence in it
No head hung low
Look us right in the eye
10 % on this one
Friendly but not to friendly, just a touch at first
A sensitive caring side
Please no over whelming machismo, it really is unbecoming
Strength, please no over emotional clingy types
15 % added for this
Chivalry the long dead art….
Open the door for her and no, automatic doors do not count
Show interest in her apparel
The pick up lines really are embarrassing
One’s like, did it hurt when you fell from heaven
Please you can not retract an awful line
Tack on 15 %
Remember her conversation, birthdays, and favorite things
Dig deep guys, find out who she is
15 % and possible more
It’s called making love, not a quickie, not a roll in the hay
Give passion and you shall receive passion
A gentle affectionate touch, holding and listen all the above is worth
25 %

110 % might seem like a lot but the old line still remains
Give and ye shall receive

P.S. Results may vary

(Please take no offence…Just a little light humor)

Ashraful Musaddeq 18 September 2008

Wow Patricia, wonderful job is done! Very beautiful. Love it with my 10.

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James B. Earley 24 July 2008

No offence taken......this is very serious business. And by the way....did it hurt when YOU fell from heaven? Couldn't resist! Excellent composition.

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Rachel Z. 09 May 2008

I adore this and it's soooo true! ! ! Guys think we'll think it's attractive if they walk around trying to be cool, but we just want a nice guy! ! !

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Barry Van Allen 13 April 2008

Patricia, When I first read that you only had 10 ... tens, It seemed only right to make it eleven! B.V.A.

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Ivor Hogg 04 February 2008

No reason to take offence it took me years to learn what women liked I could have done with tuition when I was young ivor

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Edward Kofi Louis 22 December 2015

Yes! Results may vary. Thanks for sharing this poem with us.

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Rachel Butler 06 November 2009

'The secret list of what a lady finds appealing' Rachel Ann Butler

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Simone Inez Harriman 18 October 2009

Well done Patricia. Much enjoyed.10 frm me.

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Marieta Maglas 25 June 2009

You are right, Patricia, but always saves us reason, love for Jesus, truth and acceptance of pain. Old women always cry with old tears.Excellent poem....10+++++

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Ivor Hogg 11 December 2008

Wise men know instinctively your closing lines say everything needful

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