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A Friend

Rating: 4.9

Come to me in twilights surrender
When the twinkling of the stars await their call
And the moon is to begin its glorious shine

Come to me and dream away your cares
When this life has left you down
And time seems to stand still for new hope

Come to me in the greeting of the sun
When crimson red shoots across the sky
And the peak of dawn has arrived

Come to me and walk in the dawning of a new day
When your tears fall like raindrops
And you feel you can not go on

Come to me for I will hold your hand
When you need a friend
And we shall release the fears and hurt of this world

Chris Mendros 15 October 2007

i'm just about ready to stand and step forward.

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David Harris 22 July 2007

Patricia, what wonderful poem of friendship. Touches the heart, where poems should. Top marks and thanks for sharing it my friend. David

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Lorena Walker 25 June 2007

Wow, this is beautiful!

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Melvina Germain 20 June 2007

Very serene, loving, caring a wonderful treasure indeed.--Melvina--

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Meggie Gultiano 01 June 2007

what a lovely poem for a friend.And i think you are best suited to this. I am blessed by you.

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Obed Souza 24 July 2009

Friends build gardens in our hearts... Lovely poem! 10!

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Jun Insigne 26 July 2008

a friend is the first person who comes in when the whole world goes out, , , , , , thank you so much for this wonderful poem....10/10

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Colin Jeffery 20 July 2008

This is so moving... from the soul of a poet of merit, Brilliant

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Vikash Kumar 21 April 2008

What a beautiful story: use of so many symilies has made the poem more beautiful. You are a very creative poet. Keep up the Good work

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Dr.subhendu Kar 21 March 2008

what a wonderful poem! ! ! ! love when blazes the glory of frienship as when in need by the time`s reeks soul when soothed by the passion the harvest of moon by the reason...............well penned by the ingenuity,10/10, thanks for sharing

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