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[01] Endless Time

Rating: 4.6

Time is flying towards infinity
As an unknown operating system.

I'm losing programs from my machine
C drive is formatting without command
I'm a tree beside the street
and time is walking in front of me
I'm screaming on and on without sound
refraining without barricade.

Sorrow is a small virus dark blue
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Pacific Hernandez 02 October 2008

A very good poem. Well written. 10 for this.

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Jurietta Duraan 21 September 2008

Your poem reads like a movie scene, continuous... flowing, with really moving music in the background.... you write really well and it is way beyond time for me to give you this compliment.

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rohit sapra 21 September 2008

Life is a continuous process in which loss and gain is the process as realizations occur when a loss occurs. This poem is full of deep thinking. In this poem the way you have compared things is also really very interesting.

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Shimon Weinroth 20 September 2008

a good poem should be read more than once

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Shimon Weinroth 20 September 2008

well said, we all feel time slipping by and lament the time unspent, awe inspired by time, good poem

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Marieta Maglas 10 June 2009

Aristotle argues that time manifest itself in the change of things but the change itself is not time: “So time is either change or some aspect of change; and since it is not change, it must be some aspect of change” By expressing the concept of time and by using conceptual metaphors, eg 'What is existing or non-existing nothing can be shared '' and cognitive metaphors, eg ''Sorrow is a small virus dark blue spreading spores into my blood'' and visual metaphors, eg ''I’m a tree beside the street and time is walking in front of me '' the poet needs to prove that time can mean, in some conditions a change in itself.. genial poem...10++

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Brishti Mazumdar 08 June 2009

Again an enviable thought process...yet here a bit torn amongst ideas...yet 10++ for your unique way of thinking....Brishti

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Raj Nandy 16 May 2009

While reading this poem I felt that I was sitting inside the 'Time Machine' of HG Wells and the control stick in fast forward motion....! 10+ -Raj Nandy

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rago rago 16 May 2009

yes we are loosing pockets, wallots and every thing.........nicely penned..........

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Ruslan Kerimov 07 October 2008

A great write! Very sharp and impressive allegories and metaphors. Definitely 10 for it. With all sincerity

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