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[01] How Can I

Rating: 5.0

Yesterday is a tale of your bluish promise
You'd arrived into my bed-room of heart
I'd felt soft fingers of love like denim jeans
Smell of your dusky hair kissing the violet air.

Time is now hungry but moon marches slow
Smile beam is walking at cheerful night
Phantom of delight sat on my thought
Am I really going mad to pull out my hairs?

I want to enfold the globe with crimson roses
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Existential Despair 11 October 2008

A colorful read of romance and despair...a rare well put combination in a poem so short

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Not a member No 3 19 September 2008

There is something very refreshing in finding such different combinations of words and images... Nice work Ashraful... the longing and frustration are presented clearly and poetically...

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Onelia Avelar 03 September 2008

It is a little bit different from he poems i have read by you, mre romantic but still very creative and unconventional, with a very good colorfull sellection of words and metaphors 'arrived into my bed-room of heart'.... br, one

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Ershad Mazumder 28 August 2008

Yes, a poet can do it. You must be knowing that I am a devil poet. Insanity is my dress. Immorality is my religion.I give sound to soundlessness. I give colour to invisibility.I am in conflict with my beloved who created this devil.

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Pandian Angelina 05 September 2009

Ah! How wonderful to be loved by a poet I should say when offered poems for roses Who longs for an unchanging love In a changing world. May your love live long and fragrant, my friend, I was astonished to read this poem painted with the crimson of roses, a rare offering to our eyes and mind, I thank you for this. Angel

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'But how can I replicate a yesterday? Shift a today towards a non-stop tomorrow? ' What a write? ‘Shift a today towards a non-stop tomorrow? '. Glory unto today! ! A definite Ten / Ten. Regards dr. sakti

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Tsira Goge 03 June 2009

I want to enfold the globe with crimson roses To fill up the oceans with soft dews ............................................................. Ashraful, Very beautiful a poem, with graceful desire..10... Best wishes, Tsira

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Surayya Abbas 19 May 2009

Good work. nice to read.

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Flose Boursiquot 18 May 2009

great use of words... similes and metaphors as well as imagery. i enjoyed

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