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[01] I Am

Rating: 4.9

Am I really complex
Like the reticulate venation of a leaf?
An abstract art on the wall?

Why face can't be read, why?
Should I promise to be an ice-cream
melting upon tongue?

Truth may looses uniform
and puts on the fake costume

But I'm a shade of 3bs:
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Shimon Weinroth 22 October 2008

indeed you are, how incredible to be, when so many things are not 10

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rohit sapra 23 September 2008

This poem is a creative and interesting description of 'I Am'. I also like the way you have applied 3bs into a poetic form.

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Fay Slimm 15 September 2008

Yes, we are all shades of many things. We have just forgotten who we really are I believe. Such a thought provoking poem. Thank you.

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Onelia Avelar 03 September 2008

'Should I promise to be an ice-cream melting upon tongue'...you have great metaphors really, very vivid imagery and own style with abstract but prompt suitable and vivid metaphors.

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Prof. Dr. Sakti Chakravorty 07 September 2009

Janab in your poem I get mouldy odor of village [gram] bangla. Enjoyed. Ten dr. sakti PS find time to read me

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beautifully presented self.... gifted with natural words.... i like the verse

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Tsira Goge 03 June 2009

Ashraful, Simply remarkably, surprising beauty of sincerity..10x10.. All best, Tsira

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C T Heart 26 October 2008

great self description of who you are...a BELL that your words echoed through all the lands through your writings...BUTTERFLY that you have undergone all the process of life's cycle: the enjoyment of youth, hardships and transitions of life esp. in a relationships, and the beauty and wonders of being free. BONSAI a unique quality of an person in which you may be small in a physical attribute of a being but so exquisite from its breeding. Nurtured and cared well by the people around you, now you have grown into a wonderful being....a 10.

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Sulaiman Mohd Yusof 25 October 2008

Bell - You could tell when to when to start...or stop when you're ready Butterfly - As free n beautiful, you'd always look for the beauty in life Bonsai - a miniature. but huge as the giant Oak Yes, you're that 3 Bs my bro Musaddeq!

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