(014) Why Not Bharat? Poem by premji premji

(014) Why Not Bharat?

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Maharashtrians renamed
Bombay to 'Mumbai'
Tamilians renamed
Madras to 'Chennai'
Keralites renamed
Cochin to 'Kochi'
Bangalies renamed
Calcutta to 'Kolkata'
Kannadigas renamed
Bangalore to 'Bengaluru'

Sad, Nobody wants
INDIA to be renamed to
Pseudo-face of
Democracy and
Unity in diversity!

Rema Prasanna 12 July 2008

Oh this is a patriotic thought.. needs attention. I vote for it.... I dont have anything against India but I prefer my origin... dearest Bharat.10 Rema

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Vidyadhar Durgekar 18 July 2008

Patriotism apprecaited......but still what is there in a name?

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Sathyanarayana M V S 04 August 2008

The 'preamble' of our constitution includes both names; INDIA & BHARAT. But we mostly use the word India and in thagt way u are very correct. We people should change. sathya narayana

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Pandian Angelina 17 July 2009

Bharath maybe is yet To regain the courage Of the Boy king who Grew among lions And having become Slaves selling souls Even now ater Freedom Materialistic mercinaries We remain miming The show of fading cultures Running behind money Capitalism under screen Of democrcy we still Debate on pros and cons When all was written down Long before when Manu ruled Humanity prevailed and Bharathiay youth played In glee on Indies shores. Leena

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Aditya Keerthi 14 June 2009

I've read many poems of yours but could not read all.sorry but far as i've read, they are all very good.I am writing comments for all the 128 of your poems in this together with two words- BREATH-TAKING

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Indira Renganathan 06 April 2009

Add my vote to the list....o.k let us Bharathiyas take a vow to write on Bharath only and not on India...thanks for your comment Premji

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Ashraful Musaddeq 25 September 2008

My 10 for these lines- 'Sad, Nobody wants INDIA to be renamed to BHARAT! Pseudo-face of Democracy and Unity in diversity! '

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Reshma Ramesh 23 September 2008

well said.......well written

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