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[02] Firefly Can'T Make A Day

Rating: 5.0

Cuckoo sings- a single leaf falls on the grass
Sound wakes up without noise.

Night passes very slowly
Day breakfast with morning moon
Young sparrow cries from the ventilator
Poet counts the teeth of passionate moon
Grief climbs up a newer gloomy hill.

Rain falls on the grass, mini olive flowers

Sound of water drops comes
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Antonio Liao 19 August 2008

wow! you make my day... a moment of sunshine, tree-frog searches raincoat... what a nice lyric..thank you a ten point for this p[oem

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Pandian Angelina 05 September 2009

So many myriad visions within one frame all capture the mind and make us reflect on the length of our days or rather the shortness of our lives. Angel

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Brishti Mazumdar 11 June 2009

Sound wakes up without noise. Again an extraordinary thought process is revealed...10++ from Brishti

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Carol Gall 25 May 2009

this is a wonderful write love the descriptive words you use 10

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Sandra Fowler 25 April 2009

A perfect title for the content of your poem. Your imagery is poignant, your insight extraordinary. Thank you for the lovely comment. Nice to read you again. Warmest regards, Sandra

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Caterpillar MC 25 September 2008

Hi, thank you for your comment. I like this poem, coz it draws a picture in the reader's mind and has a child like innocence. Thank you for sharing.

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