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[02] Eating Baby

Rating: 5.0

Sky suffers from acidity
Eats moon at night like
An anti-acid tablet
When we enter
Into the kingdom of death.

Map was eaten up by the hunger
Moon by sky- who is now
Eating baby as a termite?

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Grace Tan 20 September 2008

Many imageries pelting one after another. I hardly imagine anything and I've fnished your poem. But haha, don; t worry, It's not bad, I had to scrutinise it line by line though. It is certainly a difficult topic you're dealing with; wanting to show how viciouswe have become with this imagery of bing cannabalistic to something so close to our hearts and species- our babies. I felt you brought it out pretty well, and the imageries that you compare to let us understand the next recurring parttern is really interesting. I would have liked it better if it was just a teeny bit more leaborated though, so that I can get it easier, but that's just my own opinion. Good job an the whole!

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Deepti Agarwal 16 September 2008

very thoughtful work here.... well written....

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Marilyn Lott 10 September 2008

Unfortunately this is true. Our planet isn't so pure anymore. Well put. Best Wishes, Marilyn

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Maria Barbara Korynt 31 August 2009

Very good and very nice poem. I like it. (10v.) Greetings. Maria Barbara Korynt

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Albert Wong 27 October 2008

Great imagination, I like the last few senteneces: Map was eaten up by the hunger Moon by sky- who is now Eating baby as a termite? Very wonderful, to read such lines..... Termite? Oh, termite can an estate...10.

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Jyoti Saxena 14 October 2008

must say you do have a way with difficult issues-how lucidly you have dealt with such a touchy nd gory image is remarkable! full 10++

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Kesav Easwaran 08 October 2008

Good intelligent imageries using the full moon and the crescent...well, Ashraf, you beat me all out here...I must give you a ten plus

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Gargi Saha 02 October 2008

Very imaginative poem.10++ Best Wishes.................

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