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[03] My Hundred Lines

Rating: 4.0

Grilled roasted or smoked chicken
Desire or money— which is more significant
Isn't important— if demand is sought
Putting food on tongue in imagination
Drawing graph of power and dosage
Decision could be taken aptly

Neither there was nor there be any debate
Debate never wakes up
From physical-mental ethereal pleasure

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Fiona Davidson 18 June 2009

Excellent write Ashraful...great read too...10+++

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Omar Ibrahim 18 June 2009

every thing in poetry made in hundred lines......metaphor, alliteration, rhyming and many other things......super poem.....super poet.....in a super site.....wow! ! !

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Aijaz Asif 18 June 2009

superb, superb, superb...... it's a marvelous write sarkar with depths in it, the whole poem is amazingly beautiful specially these lines...... 'Still amazing dreams beckon Playing snake-ludo with soul Snakes biting— restarting every time I lost both legs— but going ahead on crawl' this resembles like me as if i was reading my own thoughts through your masterful pen...thanks 100++++++++++++++++++ and definitely added to one of my most favs....... rgds asif

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Ana Zaldivar 17 June 2009

A hundred lines of crativity intelligence great imagery inspiration! I am trully amazed. Thanks for sharing! Best wishes, ana

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Howard Kern 17 June 2009

I now have you as a new friend because of your hundred lines. this poem is a little longer than I normally like, but the flow, and imagery are so vivid, and the story told so poetically well done it held my attention to the end thanks for sharing 10+++

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premji premji 07 July 2009

decision itself hanged.......... what a powerful line............... please read my one liners from poem no 146. please read you and i (poem no 206)

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Gargi Saha 28 June 2009

A well written poem....... U get 10++++...........

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Ravi Sathasivam 21 June 2009

Amazing. An eloberated poem. Very well penned.

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an eloberate poem skillfully written. shan

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Shashendra Amalshan 20 June 2009

hello sir! ! ..first sorry took time to read this one... i had to take time and read it... busy with universty too.... hey got to say i never expected this sorta one from you, but this one has the same liveliness, and yes, rhymes, alliteration all make this an exhilarating experience 10++++ regards shan

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