3 Stages Of Grief Poem by Bridgid Patrick

3 Stages Of Grief

Rating: 4.2

The Torment

Sorrow swalowed me into the cruel black sea,
The icy cold water washed over me,
Memories spin around in my mind,
Causing dark lucid dreams of every kind.
Grief and misery played their part,
Leaving behind a broken heart

The Healing

Slowly the water ebbed away,
The blackness mellowed to a shade of grey,
Time as the healer showed the way,
Helping me to cope day by day,
Fear subsiding, confidence riegns,
Ready to face the world again

The Future

The waters now are calm and clear,
My life again is full of cheer,
Smiles return and with them light,
The grey is replaced by colours so bright,
Though life was cruel, when it took you away,
I look to the future as a brand new day

***** ********* 06 February 2006

A very positive look at grief Bridgid. 10 from Tai

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Hugh Cobb 06 February 2006

A very good poetic view of grief and emerging from it. All the best, Hugh

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Willow Moon Pearce 09 February 2006

I liked it very much and so much thought behind it! ................willow

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Tomás O Cárthaigh 16 February 2006

A great summary of grief... and great to see the moving on feature at the end.

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Scarborough Gypsy 19 February 2006

An excellent rendition of the emotions we go through. Good rhyme and pace too. Particularly related to the first stanza and re lived those feelings that I had when I lost my dad. Nice work Gyp's

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Mine Yours 05 December 2008

your biog. says you only put a pen to paper; if thats true i wish i had a pen like yours! ! ! 10+

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~ Jon London ~ 23 May 2008

Wow! ! ! ! ........what an amazing poetess you are Bridgid...such beautiful expression..excellent visual imagery that paints the perfect picture for the perfect poem......This is that very poem....*10* Thanks for sharing your brilliance best wishes Jon

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Paul Butters 27 April 2008

An intensely beautiful poem clearly created at great expense. Best Wishes. Paul.

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Tailor Bell 21 October 2006

great message and nice imagery. enjoyed this...nice work. -Tailor B.

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Faith Elizabeth Brigham 25 February 2006

an excellent poem on a universal topic that i am sure many can relate to!

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