(-) 4 (My Love) Tum/You -Bilingual Poem by Renu Rakheja a.k.a Tranquil Ocean

(-) 4 (My Love) Tum/You -Bilingual

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Meri saans ho tum
Meri dhadkan ho tum
Meri jaan ho tum
Meri zindagi ho tum
Mere khwabon kaa aakar ho tum
Meri tanhayee kaa kinaara ho tum
Meri tamannao ka saakshaat ho tum
Mere badan ki kapkapin ho tum


You are my breath
You are my heartbeat
You are my soul
You are my life
You are the shape of my dreams
You are the shore of my loneliness
You are the form of my longings
You are the trembling in my body

Subbaraman N V 02 April 2008

In short everything in life- if you can spare a few minutes, pl. go through my-LOVE IS THE BASIS OF LIFE- in the PH-reflecting similar thoughts!

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Raveendran . 15 February 2008

Valentine's soul search, nice reading

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Geoff Warden 12 July 2007

OK were you the one who told me such feelings could not be put into words, , , and yet this flaming piece of imagry has set the moment on fire.... and me searching for a cold glass of water.......... well done..

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Comfort Zone 11 July 2007

Nice poem. But 'kapkapi' sounds a bit feverish. What you mean is perhaps - sensation, but 'kapkapi' means shivering/trembling in pain or fear. How about -'badan ki sansanaahat'or 'thirkan'?

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