4 Rent, Lease N Or, The Option To Buy Poem by krissi b'williams

4 Rent, Lease N Or, The Option To Buy

Rating: 4.7

Theres an invisible sign, outside my chest
for the organ that ly's beneath my left breast
its a 4 rent sign, with the option to lease
theres no better place
with more love, and space
for 2 to share....it comes with a package, of love, honesty, devout care
the last tenant didnt get it, so he was evicted
its only 4 rent to those who deserve
meet the requirement, and can keep up with the terms
there is a list, to those of interest
undeniable facts, in an invisible contract

a 4 rent sign, renting out this heart of mine
maybe for just a little while, maybe til the end of time
depending on this new tenant of mine
hopefully, the rentee, is the 1 to be....meant for eternity
theres a 4 rent sign,4 this heart of mine
with the option to leases..or to buy if it pleases
take it slow, like day by day..just incase it doesnt work
we can walk away, without no one getting hurt
the renter n the rentee, that would be you and me
take it n make it, casual n slow...that we if you need to move out, walk away....at least we took it slow day by day

but if you find yourself in love with the new space, inside my hearts space....and your find that you now live in a happy place....
then theres always that option...sorta like adoption...kinda like the same....as i take on your last name
and we toss out the sign, that rented your heart to mine
the option you choosen, then, would never to rent again
not to rent, not to lease, but buy....and we then replace the 4rent sign
with 1 that says 2 hearts of gold, are now sold
and place it on your chest n mine....
til we grow old, and fates end time

Olympia Melone 11 December 2009

you have a brilliant point..every1s heart is either for rent or open to buy 10s

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Krista'lyntinia Lancelaotti 27 November 2009

every heart is a vacant lot, looking for a buyer, but we usually get the renters who need 2 b evicted..lol

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Teresa Babson 29 September 2009

i was looking at your stats, and am amazed how many readers have read your poems, yet they dont send you comments nor do they rate em. i am appalled by this. could you please send me an email as to why this occurs. i am sure that not all readers find your poems to thier liking, but they could at least comment and rate em. is it a race or something..even negativity would be pleasing, for that is fun critisism

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Sulaiman Mohd Yusof 21 July 2009

Love for sale, with a little discount for the best buyer.Good writes Krissi.

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