.5. A Punch-Up Poem by David Threadgold

.5. A Punch-Up

Rating: 5.0

Punch and Judy always fighting
Crocodile is always biting
Baby crying Punch looks rough
Judy says she’s had enough

She leaves Punch to baby mind
He’s lost baby cannot find
Searching high and searching low
Punch thinks Judy mustn’t know

Judy’s back she had a hunch
With a stick she batters Punch
Policeman comes to stop the fighting
Sausages the croc is biting

Punch arrested took to jail
Judy searching starts to wail
Baby found beneath a bush
Fast asleep a little hush

Judy goes back to the station
Told the police with much elation
Punch released it made him smile
Till he got chased home by the crocodile

© 2008 David Threadgold
Rambling Riddles & Rhymes

Bob Gibson 11 October 2008

You took us back to summers by the sea, briliantly portrayed, yes a 10

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Gordon Somerville 06 October 2008

Many years ago, I assisted the punch and judy man on Brighton Pier, and your poem was the script for EVERY performance. It brought back some (claustrophobic) memories. The poem flowed very nicely, and painted a picture in my mind, with each verse I read. A very well thought out, and penned piece of art work. Cheers Gordon...

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Ian Bowen 03 October 2008

David, loved this to bits. A great laugh, and written to entertain.10/10 Ian

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