501 Poem by David Darbyshire


Rating: 4.4

I have had my levis a very long time,
rips and tears, patches on patches.
25 years, of a stitch in time, saves nine,
so many different colors, nothing matches.

I love my Jeans so much,
if them, I could only touch.
There hanging behind a frame,
it's not quite the same.

I want to wear my Jeans,
I love my blue pants.
I think it's in my Genes,
or are they called trousers?

I mean, to put your legs,
into that soft velvet.
A little low riding on the hip,
bell bottoms as well as a zip.

Francesca Johnson 07 August 2006

Bellbottoms? Takes me back to mine, in the 60s. Loved 'em, too. Love, Fran the Fan xx

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Scarlett Treat 07 August 2006

LOVE my jeans - never trousers - and wear them until they are absolute rags! Hate having to buy the stiff new ones - love the 'velvet' of the old. You really hit the spot with this one! Scarlett

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Dee Daffodil 07 August 2006

Nothing better than a nice soft comfy pair of jeans! (except maybe a nice soft comfy pair of jammies...or a nice soft comfy pair of socks if you have cold feet...) Hugs, Dee

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Melvina Germain 06 January 2007

OK this is cute, I think it's 925's we have around here, hmmm is that the boot cut or the straight leg.--Melvina--

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J M Basey 08 September 2006

Nice poem mate, I like how it all flows.....keep writing them and I'll keep reading. Jay

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Nalini Hebbar 18 August 2006

501 seems to be the # of the model...the best attire in the whole world...love...nalini

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Diane Violet 17 August 2006

Love Levi's also, my favourite are 665's, much more generous on the hips. These one's are hard to find though. Enjoyed this write, Dave.

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Duncan Wyllie 14 August 2006

Could you have jeans in your genes, Umm eitherway an enjoyable write Love duncan X

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