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(540) My Jewelry Party

Rating: 3.0

It was a rather quiet day, I had a few things to do in order to prepare
for tonight’s jewelry party. I started out to get my
errands done, giving myself enough time to get home to start the
preparations for the event. I made a list, had everything in order,
oh yes I was totally organized. The caterer was arranged (my
wonderful daughter-in-law) . She was an excellent caterer, she
catered for my husbands celebration of life and our church ladies
prayer group, so I had every confidence in her.

I picked my daughter- in- law up at work at approximately 4: 45pm, the

party starts at 7: pm, so time is going. Oh oh we don’t have a
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THE SYORY TELLER YOU BE, MY DEAR! Excellent work, indeed.I wish i could sit down & write a short story...It was that area of artsmithing, Melvina, that Poe finally received some notariety! That and a handful of classic poetry...but it was the short stories that he is best known for...in fact he is hailed as the Inventor of Detective Mystery writing...Fine job, young lady. FjR

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Patricia Gale 25 April 2007

A delightful story, through all the chaos you managed a fun time for all I am sure. Thanks for sharing!

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Sylvia Spencer 18 April 2007

Melvina you are a women after my own heart this story poem is just ACE brilliant work. (if you like story poems then read my A Working Class Family) it is a bit long just like this one but it's agood laugh I promise. Your work is just great to read. cheers Sylvie.

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Diane Violet 17 April 2007

What a story Melvina, I felt like I was there in the middle of all the chaos, sounds like much fun was had by all. Minus the anxiety attack and the fall.....glad you were not hurt. Excellent write! ...thank you for sharing it...I thoroughly enjoyed the read......All the best, Diane

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David Harris 16 April 2007

I remember you telling me this when it happened and I said then you should write it. I'm glad you did. It was a great read. If you have that much fun holding a Jewelry Party, can I come to the next one? Marvelous write. Enjoyed every moment of it. Thanks for sharing it. David

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LoL....I am so glad you chose to share this story with us Melvina! ((SMile)) You are not just a poet as I have known for a long time but a great story teller as well! I am so glad you shared it on here even though you had told me about it...it was funny to read and nerve racking at the same time because of your panic attack. Thank you for sharing Glad it all turned out in the end ((Smile)) ...Your end like when Blaze knocked you over and God caught you and kept you from hurting yourself! Keep sharing from your heart, L, Shelley

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