6-11 (True Story) Poem by Mrs. Cynosure

6-11 (True Story)

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A softball game,
With two 7th grade teams.
In a open grass field kids play,
In the hot sun.
Along the first base line, were the moms
Cheering their girls on.
It was the top of the 8th inning,
No outs and Centrals down by one.
Junction City is up to bat,
Central out in the field.

It took four pitches to get the batter out.
Gale Anders is up next, strike one.
Turning to terror in the next swing of the bat.
The ball goes flying over the fence,
Missis all the moms, all but one,
Nursing her baby she didn’t see the ball coming.
The ball hits the baby in the head whose life has just begun,
Just three weeks ago ReBecca Purkey was born.

ReBecca’s mom rushes her to the hospital.
Where the doctors told her,
That she could go home after the MRI.
If anything happened within 24 hours call.
They called ReBecca’s mom with the MRI results,
They told her the ball shattered her skull,
Into something like a spider web.
But the skull repairs itself,
So not to be alarmed.

ReBecca lasted 23 hours then,
Her little brain just couldn’t take it anymore,
She started having seizures.
Taking her back to the doctor,
Her mom was scared and,
Didn’t understand what’s wrong with her baby,
That is perfect in every other way.

The doctors said that it’s unlikely,
ReBecca will ever walk, talk, or feed herself,
She will be a veggie.
If this child was to live.
Because she has a traumatic brain injury,
Which lead to the seizures,
And she has epilepsy.
Hard pill to swallow for her family.
One minute this baby was healthy and happy
The next doctors are telling them she will die.

P.S. My name is ReBecca Purkey this is the story of my life. we are not as medically advanced back then as we are today, We didn’t know as much about the brain that is why doctors sent me home. This shows you anyone can overcome anything. I am 18 and have now graduated from high school with a regular diploma and soon go to college, become an Autistic teacher. I will always have a brain injury and epilepsy but that doesn’t stop me from doing anything. I am ReBecca Purkey and this is my story, what’s yours?

sky dreams 30 July 2009

Unlikely to walk, talk, feed herself.. to become a veggie.... to think one can overcome those sort of odds is truly inspirational... you are a brave and amazing person.. thank you for this inspiration

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Connie Leigh Lindsay 22 June 2009

Great poem.I'm sorry that happened to you but I am also glad that you shared it with us.You have helped me alot You are a great person and one I am glad to call my friend.

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Aijaz Asif 19 June 2009

its a very beautiful piece, a very different art of writing style and you wrote it very well...i will not say i feel sorry for what happened to you coz you are healthy now, i have many injuries during child hood, like my both arms had fractured many times, i can't turn my palms in upward directions and many mishaps which was done in past....it is said that 'when all the cure in the world ends then leave it to nature, coz nature is one of the biggest medicine in the universe....thanks 10++++++++++++ and A+++++++++ rgds asif

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