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(970) Welfare Bums

Rating: 3.5

Don’t put us down, until you understand, where
we are coming from without a helping hand.
We’re all alone, my husband walked away.
He left us to fend for ourselves each and every day.

You look at my children and me without sympathy.
Walk a mile in our shoes and then you’ll see.
Life is not what we expected it to be.
We will do our best to reach prosperity.

You call us welfare bums laugh at our tattered clothes.
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Tailor Bell 29 October 2006

words to live by...great positive message here, Melvina. i need to do more to help others where i might...thanks for reminding me. -Tailor

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Sandra Fowler 07 January 2007

I have seen great human beings walking in tattered clothes. beautiful poem, Melvina. Love, Sandra

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Reinalie Jorolan 27 November 2006

a heart warming read and quite a reminder to those whose hearts are less compassionate.Great write...thank you for sharing. peace and love rain

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Brian Dorn 07 November 2006

Melvina, a fine lesson in compassion. Great write! Brian

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James James 05 November 2006

A good reminder about life's vagaries....there go I maybe.

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Diane Violet 05 November 2006

Excellent write Melvina, no not all welfare bums, have you seen Brian Dorn's 'Could Be', you and he have an excellent take on this. Welfare cannot afford the rents that are asked for here. All the best, Diane

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