A Battle For Supremacy, A Very Potty Story Poem by sylvia spencer

A Battle For Supremacy, A Very Potty Story

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My name is Plonker, and I am a pot and I have now been
thrown on the compost plot. I have a busted base and a chip
on my rim, my chances of working again are very slim. I have
lived in this garden for many a year and all that surrounds me
has become very dear. Everyone was like a family until the
Blueie's moved in and that's when we Cottie's started a din.
The clan of Bluie's just thought they were it, but they were just
like us full of s-t. Please excuse my expression but they had to
be taught a lesson. They thought they were to good for the like's
of us, but we all stuck together and kicked up a fuss.
The noise was horrendous it was like a third world war;
we had the cracks to prove it and there were chips galore.
We nicked named them The Blueie's because they were
glazed blue ceramic, that stuck up lot they thought they were
dynamic.Then in came the winter with frost all around and
those frozen Blueie's had to be lifted of the ground. They were
wrapped in a sack then dumped in the shed, now it was our
turn to laugh because they might have well been dead.
Now poor old Cotty has a nasty crack, the master won't move
him because he suffers with his back. Now Cotty holds a plant
that is totally pot bound the roots have come out and fed into the
ground. He won't last much longer he's on his way out,
what on earth will happen if we get a drought.
Now the last of my story belongs to Gerry, now he came home
via the Dunkirk Ferry. He sits in the porch with his mind full of
wonder, when he was proud to be a bedroom 'Goes Under'
The broken pots the mistress uses again, we will still be in
the garden but life won't be the same.A piece of me will
cover the hole in a new pot, topped up with fresh manure from
the compost plot.

Sandra Fowler 08 June 2006

What an amazing story! Cheers for your rich imagination. Love from your American sister, Sandra

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Scarborough Gypsy 09 August 2006

What a funny, sad story. Loved it and love love you. Love Gyp's

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Potty indeed but fresh, cute and certainly unusual!

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Ernestine Northover 09 June 2006

I shall never look at my garden pots in the same way again after this. Bless all garden pots and wish them well. Delightful read, very well thought out. love Ernestine XXX By the way, all is OK!

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Dee Daffodil 08 June 2006

Excellent read! To think I thought it was about toilet training! ! Hugs, Dee

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Francesca Johnson 08 June 2006

Another one of your unique and flowing poem-stories. I do so enjoy them, Sylvia; you are able to create something meaty and readable out of just about anything. These need to be read aloud - they gallop! Love, Fran xx

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