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A Boring Day

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It is a nightmare for me to be here
sitting in the boring room drinking beer
waiting for the coming of a new day
hoping all my pains would go away.

The same people were on the street
the same faces that i usually meet
I sat upon my couch thinking
of the humdrum into which i was sinking.

But with the arrival of dawn
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Wednesday, July 23, 2008
Topic(s) of this poem: boredom
I was so sad when i wrote this poeme. When i finishes i felt a great sense of reliefe
, aryaindia 27 July 2008

There is much meaning and steadfastness in your writing that I observe. Good luck and god bless you. arya

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Its the beer that makes me sick, , i can't drink...but i do look forward to seeing the new sunrise of tomarrow..A new day Anew adventure on the horrisen... nice poem, , AZIZ..

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C T Heart 23 July 2008

A boring day makes me sick...but waiting for tomorrow, a new life to break the ice.......

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Sharmila Saheed 11 September 2008

hey nice rythm aziz it was intresting and cool

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Dawn Slanker 06 August 2008

A life is only as boring or mundane as you allow it to be. Nice poem expressing what many of us feel with a message of light and hope in the end. Well done.

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Brian Hinckley 04 August 2008

Not bad at all. The night is dark before the dawn, death and rebirth.

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Eman Awad 01 August 2008

Nice poem, deep but nice Eman Awad

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Papillon Alamy 31 July 2008

It's really full of deep meanings it's better than it seems congra'

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