A Brand New Day

Rating: 4.9

Uninvited thoughts, corrupt a verse
And poetry, you become a curse
Memory, you can be so unkind
Your constant ability, to remind

And radio, sometimes you don't belong
You are so cruel, it's very wrong
I decided to move on, today
But then that song, you had to play

And as for you, lousy weather
I suppose you think, you very clever
You knew my plan, to have some fun
But took away my friend, the sun

But like this season
Emotions are strange
Without any given reason
it will all just change

And Spring will surprise
and brighten away
All those unwanted thoughts
of a grey yesterday

And life will simply just, carry on
and take us to wherever we, belong
There may be a few clouds, along the way
But they will make way, for a brand new day

Luzaan De Bruyn 06 January 2009

i love this poem it is deep and is the reality i would appreciate it if you could read some of my poems my regards

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Amy Ludidi 01 December 2008

very interesting rhyme scheme, loved the poem overall, well written tx 4 sharin word

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Meggie Gultiano 13 November 2008

love the last two lines..I love the gentle flow of your words

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Adeline Foster 20 October 2008

I did enjoy this one. Some thoughts there from deep experience. Hope you read mine: 'Memory is a Cheating Thing' Adeline

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Tj Becker 16 October 2008

Loved the flow and rhyme. A really good read for me early in the morning.Tea and Tia a great combination; -)

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Henry Brown 18 July 2009

Tia Maria Is that your real name? It is like your poem, it flows and it rhymes! ! ! ! ! ! Very nice

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Bursting with beauty. Thanks for making my day.

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Junior Pocoloco 07 May 2009

Your poem is fresh and natural. I know and have lived this poem. You have a fan here in California. Good day to you Raymond

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Dr Hitesh Sheth 22 March 2009

There may be a few clouds, along the way But they will make way, for a brand new day.........wonderful lines........Show must go on..........10+++

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Anthony Pierre 25 February 2009

This poem opened my eyes, really liked it, im only young but i hope to develop as good as that

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