Tia Maria Poems

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A Stranger In The Mirror

Who are you & where did I go
Where is the girl I used to know
Who is this woman staring back at me
Who are you, where could I be

A Father's Love

The love that I see in your father’s eyes
The smile on his face as he talks with you
How the sound of your voice lights up his life
Every time he is on the phone with you

A Brand New Day

Uninvited thoughts, corrupt a verse
And poetry, you become a curse
Memory, you can be so unkind
Your constant ability, to remind

A Little Book To Remind Me

When I feel there is no hope
And begin to feel I shall not cope
I reach up to the bookshelf to find
Something to read to ease my mind

A Fairy Tale

Naked save for her delicate butterfly wings
She lays on a toadstool as mother nature sings
A posy of wild flowers held up to her nose
Long pixie slippers curl over her toes

A True Love Confession

Good heaven's above
you ask could it be love
Darn right you are
and from so afar


A Troubled Mind

A troubled heart, a troubled mind
that never meant to be unkind.
No way to undo what's been done
Nowhere to hide nowhere to run

A Match Made In Heaven

As I walked home
with you tonight
Just like my heart
The moon was bright.

Another Angel

Just when I thought I had it all
God sent me another little angel
So delicate, so very sweet
With perfect hands & perfect feet

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