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A Fairy Tale

Rating: 4.9

Naked save for her delicate butterfly wings
She lays on a toadstool as mother nature sings
A posy of wild flowers held up to her nose
Long pixie slippers curl over her toes

A golden dragonfly hovers curiously above
Illuminating an aura of an enchanting love
The caterpillar arches her perfectly painted form
for the handsome snail with a hope so forlorn

Two magic mushrooms in wizard shaped hats
Three ladybugs chat upon their grassy mats
Time passes slowly in this moment just for me
As I gaze happily into my painted fantasy


I was intrigued with your name. Why Tia Maria! have you relatives in Brazil or Portugal? Wonderful poem! Congratulations

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Thad Wilk 01 December 2008

An enchanting poem Tia! ! Splendid imagery, a pleasure to read indeed! ! *10*! ! Best wishes! Friend Thad

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Adeline Foster 30 October 2008

A lovely poem, Tia. I believed that Alice in wonderland thought. I wrote one once called 'Sunlight's World' but it was not as glittering whimsical. I shall have to look it up. Adeline

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David Desantis 03 October 2008

awesome imagery..i felt like i was either tripping on mushrooms or reading alice in wonderland haha EXCELLENT 10/10

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Adam Day 02 October 2008

splendid visual you painted for me Tia it brightened my day

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Henry Brown 24 October 2009

Your words take me to the world of fantasy and the result I feel relax.10+++

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Rachel Butler 21 September 2009

A posy of wild flowers held up to her nose Long pixie slippers curl over her toes Rachel Ann Butler

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Duh Huh 21 May 2009

It is indeed a fairy tale. VIvidly painted in my mind as i read along with it. Thank you for sharing :)

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Chitra - 15 December 2008

a wonder trip through the rabbit hole, beautifully painted with resonant imagery

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**Pirate** Love*~Magic~Man 14 December 2008

you painted a miraculous fantasy world for Tinkerbel to play in.., T, i love it!

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