Another Angel Poem by Tia Maria

Another Angel

Rating: 4.9

Just when I thought I had it all
God sent me another little angel
So delicate, so very sweet
With perfect hands & perfect feet

Bright blue eyes & pure white hair
Another love for us to share
So much fun & so much laughter
a real life happy ever after

Although life is no fairytale
The bond we have will never fail
My angel we have been through it all
And still you stand so proud & tall

I am in awe of how you excel
in everything you do so well
And now that you are qualified
I am humbled in my pride

There are no words to express
The joy I feel, pure happiness
Whether we are together or apart
You stay so close, you live in my heart

Kris Smith 22 August 2008

Your love for your children is very obvious in your poems and so nice to share it with us all, a very proud mum 10 Chris

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Tom Balch 24 August 2008

A mothers love for her children shines through is this very well written piece regards Tom

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Andrew mark Wilkinson 28 August 2008

Proud poem here and quite proper too, only a mother has felt a precious life growing inside of you... Andy 10

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Rani Turton 28 August 2008

Sweet, loving and tender!

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Chitra - 02 September 2008

your love for little angels is so strong a very sweet poem and not so long

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Laurie Hill 08 February 2009

Beautiful, honestly beautiful. Such a mothers love and pride portrayed with such clarity.10+

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Fiona Davidson 20 January 2009

Lovely poem Tia...children are our future...

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Roshini Samuel 25 November 2008

this is such a wonderful little poem. Rarely does a poem make me smile. keep up the good work

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Adam Day 03 October 2008

as the bud lite beer people say 'this beer is for you' i will go and say 'this tear is for you' touched my soul little lady great work

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David Threadgold 27 September 2008

Hi Tia. Showing a lot of love and pride with this one. A real pleasure to read. Thanks**10** Regards Dave T.

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