A Match Made In Heaven Poem by Tia Maria

A Match Made In Heaven

Rating: 4.7

As I walked home
with you tonight
Just like my heart
The moon was bright.

The stars like ours
were twinkling eyes
A match made in heaven,
Oh sweet surprise... :)

Andrew mark Wilkinson 16 September 2008

Sounds like a Heavenly walk... Andy 10

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Kris Smith 16 September 2008

A walk in paradise i would say Peter 10

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David Threadgold 16 September 2008

Hi Tia. You cant beat the short ones direct and to the point yet saying so much, Really well done **10** Regards Dave T.

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Tj Becker 19 September 2008

Short sweet and really nice. The flow was excellent and the emotion of happiness was abundant. It has always amazed me how in so few words a picture can be volumes. Like Haiku's which I enjoy a lot. Few words but if written right wonderful.Great job

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Roy Storey 19 September 2008

They are and in heaven, a nice poem.

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Brian Jani 05 May 2014

Uneque poem Tia.

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Duh Huh 25 March 2009

Lucky lady :) Again, a beautifully written poem with vivid images that make the knees weak. Well done my friend. Thank you.

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Luis Alvarado 23 January 2009

Lovely and to the point. Good reading.

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Chuck Audette 10 November 2008

short and sweet! Lovely! - chuck

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Min Sia 09 November 2008

As short as a nap, yet so soothing! ! I love this poem! !

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