Great News Poem by Mike Barrett

Great News

Rating: 4.0

(December 2013)

We spoke to your mum this week
Great news –
The cancer’s gone
Or at least it’s in full remission!

2013’s been a trying year
For you and yours –
The tests, the diagnosis, the treatment
And still a few months more
For the immune system
To strengthen –
Then, back to work,
No doubt with
Reshuffled priorities.

Priority I: God
With God,
Love and gratitude
Rooted in sincerity
Go a long, long way …
Some Souls can fool others,
Few Souls can fool all,
But no Soul fools God –
Bear this in mind, heart, and Soul –

Priority II: Family and Friends
One’s family and friends
Are God’s greatest gift –
Through them life’s lessons are learned
And Soul gains Its values
Whilst growing eternal knowingness.

Priority III: Work
Although necessary
Work is a means to an end –
Remember this.
When it comes to work,
One sells one’s services, not one’s Soul.
Work requires commitment
And execution of duties –
But never to the point
Where one loses
Close ties
With family, friends and God.


God works in strange and mysterious ways
To deliver ITs message to Soul.
Has ITs message reached you –
Or has it fallen on deaf ears?
Your choice!

© M. Barrett – all rights reserved

Mike Barrett 13 January 2014

Hi Zaynub, thanks for your comment, much appreciated. If you're on the site I'll make it a point to review and comment on a few of your poems. Cheers!

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S.zaynab Kamoonpuri 13 January 2014

An aweinspiring poem! Recuperation of d body indeed needs rejuvenation of d soul in spirituality as yor poem inspires. I admire yor words in advice.

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Mike Barrett 09 January 2014

Hi Rohan, thanks for your comments...much appreciated. I'm sure you'll be touched by many other of my poems. Like you I started writing in my mid teens and have been doing so ever since. You have been gifted with a tremendous talent and you're putting a big smile in my heart with what you've written to date. You may see some of my comments to you as hurtful....they're not intended to be. They're intended as observations to help you hone your skills....constructive comments! Cheers!

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Rohan Nath 08 January 2014

Sir, Great poem! Lovely words and pharses!

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Mike Barrett 16 January 2014

Hi Hazel, many thanks for your insightful comment - much appreciated!

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Soulful Heart 13 October 2014

a great and friends indeed the best gifts and soul with its conscience is the best guides to the true path of heaven for mankind.....words so simple and didactic......deserves 10/10

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Mike Barrett 26 February 2014

Hi Suman, thanks for your kind words they've added to my happiness! I'll review and comment on a few of your poems in the next day. Cheers!

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Suman Kumar Das 23 February 2014

Thank you for making God's message reach to us through this colourful ink! ................. i really enjoyed it. Sir. Be happy.

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Mike Barrett 19 January 2014

Hi Noreen, your words put a smile in my heart, thanks!

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Noreen Carden 19 January 2014

A great and true message here family first and God above all A great read Well done

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