On Poetry Poem by Mike Barrett

On Poetry

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Are among you,
You who read these poems,
Those who think
Beautiful rhyming words,
Pleasant thoughts -
New combinations
Of strange comparisons.

How utterly wrong
You are!

There is poetry
In a rippling brook,
In a fly's beating wings,
In the dead skin of a snake -
In both time and space
Wherein myriad worlds spin!

Man, himself
Is an infinitely poetic
As are all his thoughts
Feelings, actions
And past history!

To appreciate
These words
As they are herein placed,
As they are now arrayed
Is but the birth
Of the beginning
Of the understanding
Of the meaning
Of the word

© M. Barrett – all rights reserved

This poem was written in my mid-20s shortly after having re-read Shelly's essay, 'I Defense of Poetry'. Shelly's words no douibt contributed to the 'oomph' of this poem.
Sankha Subhra Nayak 15 September 2013

Is rember me about the Krishna of Gita... He is every where even in a part of stone... Poetry is every where but you have to choose perfect word and unic feeling for write down it in a script... Nice! ! !

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Melvina Germain 13 October 2015

Amazing poem, I so agree Mike.....

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Mike Barrett 14 October 2015

Hi Melvina, Happy that its truth gladdened your heart! Cheers!

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Loke Kok Yee 03 October 2015

You are so correct that there is poetry in everything, but it needs someone like you with the necessary skills to put it together into a poem that is so pleasant to read. Thanks

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Mike Barrett 04 October 2015

Hi Loke Kok, It gladdens my heart that these words spoke to your higher self, Soul. For me the key to true poetry does not involve the head but rather the heart. When one lovingly surrenders to the creative spirit, it rewards that soul with a gift of ITs creation. As an Eckist, I do spiritual contemplations and the poems flow through me. I see them simply as gifts. Cheers!

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Kelly Kurt 06 April 2015

I completely agree, Mike. Hatred, cockroaches pimples and kindness are all but verses of the same poem.

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Mike Barrett 09 April 2015

Hi Kelly, thanks for your comment......you clearly got the point! Not all do! Cheers!

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Valsa George 28 October 2014

A poet sees poetry all around! It is not confined to limited images..... Poetry is spread over the entire universe... any object or experience can be turned into poetry! That is why there is no dearth of subjects for poems! What is man other than God's great epic poem? Enjoyed!

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Valerie Dohren 14 December 2013

There is poetry to be found in everything if one will look. Interesting write, food for thought.

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Mike Barrett

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