A Captive Wing Poem by abhimanyu kumar.s

A Captive Wing

Rating: 3.2

Never before I imagined,
Pushed down and removed,
As suddenly it raised in my actions,
Pushing me slowly and silently.

Ask the missing owls,
And the dark nights,
For I get dumb departed,
To the mysterious elements of love.

Few cracks and sparks,
With rocket speed pierce,
Forming substance in my distance,
Ceiling my imagination over searches.

Perceptions and distress treatments,
All at a naked eye and my life.

A Captive Wing
Saturday, October 29, 2011
Topic(s) of this poem: love,mystery,life
Virginia Pecho Gely 14 January 2012

Here the feelings are not revealed, yet the desire is overpassing all the being of the lover. Until the emotions are expressed aloud, this love remains unreachable/forbidden/infantuated/mute. The lover is like a peeping tom without malice. I like this poem a lot! Keep-on aspiring and sharing your compo.

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grame peele 02 November 2011

a well constructed sonnet on love. brilliant

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lover of poetry sweet 07 November 2011

this poem is superb and you have good way of putting up your feelings.10

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Emily Gurdon 09 November 2011

This is really good! I love these poems too, I love your writing style.

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Divya Divya B 14 November 2011

well in captivating her as well as the readers.10

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Akhtar Jawad 02 April 2018

Perceptions and distress treatments All at a naked eye and life. A thoughtful poem.

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Juan Guzman 22 June 2012

Every single line is written wonderfully, but each line feels un-connected to the next line and there is no unity in the poem. I will read another poem by you and comment. I hope to see a more togethor poem.

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Lord's Gift 17 March 2012

Wow Impressive, I love the rythm. Amazing talent you have, what a gift. Go on! Keep going & don't stop, reach for the stars! :)

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Whisperkwane Lamb 08 March 2012

Never before I imagined Pushed down and removed Suddenly it raised in my actions the people in our life makes us put our best foot forward...as a poet you do just that...the mind is a wonder of wonders as is your writing...GREAT!

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Jerry Buckley 26 January 2012

Nice flow... vivid words... strong talent here

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