A Carbon Copy Poem by Romeo Della Valle

A Carbon Copy

Rating: 4.8

Rubbish, written rubbish
I can't show it to anyone I know
They'll get the wrong idea,
They'll think I am fatalistic,
A desperate soul...

(But isn't he clever!)

Too bad he can't control his thoughts
They should be more like ours
We are society, the community,
We dictate the acceptable attitude,
The right way to think and write...
But who-are we
But individuals, first
And finally individuals
Suffocating from individualism...

Or lack of it-...!

©All Rights Reserved-2010

Katherine Land 05 May 2011

One of my favorites of yours so far :)

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Katherine Land 20 April 2011

I love this poem. Describes how I feel most of the time with the people I know. Thank you for writing it :)

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John Rolland 13 September 2010

veru just and clever words, you made the point in a very poetic way

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Mackenzie Keane 15 August 2010

made me smile. thank you. :)

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Nivedita Bagchi SPC UK 04 August 2010

‘Suffocating from individualism’…Why Ma’am …individualism is the manifestation of one’s everything…I’m conscious of my individual…no trace pass I’d never allow…why be carbon copy…like copy cat…sure I agree with you…let our individual find a ‘let go’…. thanks for sharing Regards Ms. Nivedita UK 10/10

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Heather Wilkins 02 August 2013

excellent writing romeo. filled with good thoughts

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Kara Towe 12 December 2011

Wonderful poem. Keep up the good work, purging your soul through your poetry, something so purifying, cleansing, and rich. You are very brave to write this. :)

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Deepak Calyampoondi 27 October 2011

Good one..well thought..Good ending..thank for your vote.I Vote 10/10 for this..keep writing..

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Unwritten Soul 21 September 2011

Romeo, this one wow me and left me smiling, i love the thought here...Carbon copy, what a great idea of title,100% suit with the contents...Absolutely this writing make many and all of us think how to be a great community as it a team of individuals..the great community because each of them, and everyone has own personality which is presented by the respective mind to write to build the community, what a carbon copy! ! ! ...like you always say Love and peace, this poem really have it all.. :) Nice well and great one Romeo _Unwritten Soul

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Raeanne Furfaro 17 August 2011

EXCELLENT! ! ! My God, what a great poem, Into my favorites this goes. Fit in or else. I LOVE this, the message so clear and so true. Oh my, what a wonderful way you have woven the expectations of society and the individualism of self in this. Fantastic Poem Romeo. Truly, one of the best so far..and I love them all, but this one is screaming at me. FANTASTIC....

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Romeo Della Valle

Romeo Della Valle

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